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The Yawn Patrol

Meanwhile, the kids on this show who don't have flights to Albuquerque to catch or grimy boys to sleep with are in school. Seth stares longingly and sadly at Summer from across the hall, although it's hard to feel sorry for him when he's the asshole who dumped her. Taylor Townsend notices the exchange, and rudely walks away from whatever conversation she was having with two other girls to plunk herself down next to Summer. Taylor informs her that Seth looks as sad as Summer does, to which Summer says that the only thing that would make her feel better would be for Seth to be "skinned, filleted, and served up as Assless, Gutless Wuss Tartare." Only rich people use culinary terms like "tartare" in their insults. Taylor Townsend praises Summer's descriptive abilities, and then offers to be there for Summer in her time of emotional distress. Notice that Marissa has not made such an offer. Summer says she can't believe that Seth would let her plan their college lives together, and then suddenly turn around and ruin them when only two years ago he was standing on a nearby coffee cart, professing his love to her for all to see. "That was so sweet," says Taylor Townsend, pretending she was actually there. Summer does a little deductive reasoning and figures out that she's too much of a prize for Seth just to reject out of the blue like that, so something must be up. And she's going to find out what that something is.

Over at the Newport Bay Yacht Club, Matt is downing one of probably several alcoholic drinks and waiting for Sandy to arrive so that he can make a proposal: he wants Sandy to pay him off (with Griffin's money, since Matt is mad at Griffin and not Sandy but also totally scared of Griffin and so has to go through Sandy) in exchange for Matt's not going to the DA with the incriminating documents he claims to have. Griffin has until the next night to pay him in cash. With that, Matt has his drinks put on Sandy's tab, and turns to leave. "You're getting yourself in pretty deep here, Matt," Sandy warns. "No deeper than you," Matt shoots back. Right, Matt. Except for the fact that Sandy isn't an unemployed loser who just got his face beaten in.

Marissa shows up at Volchok's. He's sure that she's going to dump him, because her mom disapproved of him, showing that Volchok has absolutely no concept of the teenage female mind, even though he seems to know his way around teenage female vagina. So he's surprised when, instead, she offers him the pleasure of her company for the day. He asks her whether she's planning on attending school today, and Marissa explains that away by saying it's the second semester of her senior year, as if she ever regularly attended school in any semester of any school year. I mean, are we even sure she's still enrolled at Harbor at this point? Shouldn't Harbor's truant officer be knocking on Julie's door pretty soon?

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