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The Yawn Patrol

Seth comes to Summer's bedroom. She eagerly pretends that their relationship problems don't exist, and asks him what their plans are for tonight. Seth says that there aren't any, since he is now breaking up with her. "I'm sorry, I really am. But I feel it's for the best," he says, not really sounding all that sorry at all. Summer is flabbergasted, saying that she only un-broke up with him to find out why he wanted to break up with her in the first place. "I guess now you'll never know," Seth shrugs, and leaves Summer to be broken-hearted, once again.

Back in Albuquerque, Land of No Hope and Broken Dreams, Dawn already knows that Ryan came to invite her to his graduation, thanks to Chloe the Weird Stalker Loudmouth, who actually called Dawn to tell her about it. Way to ruin the surprise, there, Chloe. The diner chef, who's not into warm family moments, orders Dawn to go serve some patrons. She and Ryan agree to talk more after her shift, and she gushes that it's great to see him again and she's really grateful that he invited her to his graduation. On one hand, Ryan's an asshole for considering not inviting her to his graduation, an event made extra-special for them because no Atwood has ever managed to achieve it before. But on the other hand, it's not like Dawn did a whole hell of a lot to help him get to that point, nor does he owe her anything at all. So Seth and Ryan both get to be total cowards and not tell either of their blackout-having women the truth. Ryan almost does when he leaves the diner, but then sees how happy his mother looks and can't bring himself to disinvite her just then.

The next morning, Marissa wakes up in Volchok's bed, since she apparently lives with him now, to the sounds of his rowdy surfer friends coming over to do some partying. To this end, they've brought beer, bongs, bad music, and obnoxious attitudes. Oh my god, do I sound old. One of the guests is a blast from the past -- Heather! And she's looking older than ever. But she's supposed to be a high-school senior, and doesn't Volchok hang out with ANYONE his own age? Anyway, Heather sees Marissa and still hates her.

Dawn winds down from her all-night, half-a-day waitressing shift in the Waitress Locker Room, which is fairly large considering that only two waitresses even work there. Chloe's there too, getting ready for her shift and dispensing advice on what Dawn should wear for the graduation ceremony that's, like, two months away. The Angry Chef, who apparently works all day and all night at this place, pokes his head in while the women are changing to yell at Chloe that she has a customer and tell Dawn that her son is here. Dawn giddily checks her hair before going out to see him.

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