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The Yawn Patrol

The party's still going at Volchok's place! Various random people do various random drugs. Heather, especially, is having a good time, dancing spastically in a corner, while two guys cheer her on as if she or her body movements were at all sexy. Volchok tenderly kisses Marissa on the head, and tells her to let loose and have fun. Good luck with that, Volchok. Marissa never has fun. Marissa heads over to get another beer just as some guy gets one for Heather. This puts Marissa in the perfect position to see the guy slip something into Heather's beer, as if the girl needed anything else at this point. Props to the guy for keeping his roofies in a cool-looking glass vial, though. Marissa then watches without saying a word as Heather drink all the roofies down.

Weekend detention sure did get pink! The student lounge is filled with heart balloons and giant Hershey kisses. I really don't know why Summer is putting this much effort into a guy who, for whatever reason, clearly doesn't want to be with her anymore. At least she didn't spend that much on the display; it's probably leftover Valentine's Day stuff that was 75% off. Summer emerges and stands up on the coffee cart in front of the Kissing Booth she brought back just for this, and tells Seth that she knows he's scared, but she also knows that he still loves her. "Summer..." Seth says warningly. But she doesn't stop, continuing to spill her heart out, saying she loves him lots and wants to be with him forever and ever and ever. Can he really say, in front of this coffee cart and everything, that he doesn't love her? If he can, Summer will go to Brown by herself and be miserable and alone and never bother him again. You'd think that Seth would sort of see that maybe Brown isn't such a great opportunity for Summer, after all, or that she should at least be able to make that determination for herself with all the facts. You'd think that, but Seth just says, "I don't love you anymore." Summer is stunned, but recovers enough to yell at Seth to leave. He does. And who is there to comfort Summer? Taylor Townsend is! Although Summer would rather be alone right now. But she doesn't get a chance to do that, because she has to report for her weekend detention, where she, Seth, and the math teacher who probably wishes he hadn't given them a detention that he'd have to spend his weekend enforcing, will spend a very awkward few hours.

Julie remembers that she has a daughter and stops by Marissa's room. Marissa isn't there, of course, so Julie calls her. Amazingly, Marissa is able to hear her cell phone ringing over the noise of that new Led Zepplin-sounding band's hit single. Instead of talking to her mom, though, Marissa watches two guys lead Heather -- who isn't looking any more out of it on the roofies than she did before them -- outside. "Hey Heather," Marissa weakly calls after her. Shockingly, Heather does not respond to Marissa's near-silent call.

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