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Fisticuffs and Wristicuffs

In Marissa's bedroom at Lady Heather's Lair, Marissa fusses with the tulle underskirt of her dress. Lady Heather enters, needing to borrow some lip gloss. She admires Marissa's dress, and Marissa suggests that she should wear it. Lady Heather thinks this is "sweet" but, "I think we both know I'm no longer a size zero. Give me a few more months on the Zone." Marissa announces that she doesn't want to go, causing Lady Heather to gasp, "I'm sorry -- I thought I just heard you say you don't want to go to your own Cotillion." Marissa explains that she and Luke got into a fight last night, and Lady Heather says they've had fights before, but that they've been together forever. Marissa suggests that that might be the problem -- what if there's someone else out there for her? Lady Heather knows where this is headed and asks, "Like who, that boy from Chino?" Marissa says nothing, causing Lady Heather to get serious, asking if Marissa wants to end up like her aunt Cindy: "With four kids in a trailer park -- she broke my mother's heart. I will not let you break mine!" Marissa's all "so now this is about you," and Lady Heather emphatically responds that it's about Marissa. What kind of future will she have with "that boy?" Marissa yells that she's only sixteen, and Lady Heather argues that the choices she makes now can affect her entire future. She cites Luke's good family, claiming that if Marissa stays with him, she will "always be comfortable." But Marissa is comfortable now! Lady Heather fortune-cookies, "Nothing in life is certain." When Marissa asks what that means, she snits, "It means that you'll put on this dress, do your hair the way I showed you, and make your debut into Newport society with Luke." Marissa's says can't, and that she's sorry. Lady Heather -- more Lady Macbeth in this scene -- threatens, "No you're not. But you will be."

At the Big House, Sandy sits on a lawn chair drinking a beer. Kirsten joins him, wearing a dress that shows off all of her angles. She asks what he's doing and why he isn't dressed. He's not going, because he doesn't feel like getting all dressed up and having to pretend that Jimmy Cooper is "the O.C. golden boy." Well, I don't feel like pretending that anyone in Orange County actually refers to it as "The O.C.," but you don't see that stopping me from recapping the show, do you? Sandy adds that he doesn't feel like being part of any community that makes "that guy" a hero. Kirsten is flummoxed as Seth joins them outside; she asks if he's not going either, but he tells her he wanted to leave twenty minutes ago. Seth asks why his father isn't dressed, and Kirsten shoos him to the car. Sandy and Seth exchange a glance.

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