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Cotillion appears to have started, and Jimmy reads a pamphlet in the middle of the party. Presumably, it's not about how to consolidate his debt and improve his credit. Greg approaches, glad to find him. Jimmy attempts small talk, but Greg cuts right to the chase: he'll be fine once he gets his check so that he can close the property and "get [his] wife off [his] back." Jimmy admits that he doesn't have the check, and Greg asks what he means -- did he forget it? Jimmy doesn't answer the question, instead saying that it's not the right time or place, and suggesting that Greg stop by his office tomorrow so they can talk about it. Greg's all, "Talk about it? Talk about what?" At that moment, Ryan and Marissa enter the ballroom -- in their day clothes -- followed by an ecstatic-looking Sandy. Jimmy excuses himself, leaving behind a very bothered Greg.

Lady Heather sees Marissa and is all happy "I don't believe it!" which then changes to a snotty "I don't believe it" when she spots Ryan behind her daughter. Marissa has entered the dressing room, and Ryan walks by, whispering something to her. Luke witnesses this exchange and storms over, yelling that Marissa told Summer she wasn't coming, and now she's here with Ryan? Marissa attempts to explain that they aren't there "together," but Luke says he's no idiot. Ryan's back on the scene to say, "Then listen to her and stop actin' like one!" Luke gets all up in Ryan's face, daring him to repeat the statement. Marissa puts herself between the boys, urging Luke to stop, and then suddenly Luke's had enough, storming out of the room: "I'm over this. We're done." A tearful Marissa looks over at Ryan, who shrugs.

Anna greets Ryan with a "Hey! Look who decided to show up!" She tells him not to worry, because Ryan's "hit man" took care of it and she didn't feel a thing. Ryan responds that he's here now if Anna wants him as an escort, but she insists that it's too late; he missed his shot, and now he'll have to go with "Princess Mononoke over there." I don't get that joke, but Ryan gets the joke, so I guess he made time to watch cartoons while fighting for his life in the mean streets of Chino. He asks what she's going to do, and with a completely bizarre delivery, she responds, "Oh, so now you care? Go!" I'm beginning to wonder if, instead of trying to fix the problems with their current actresses, the casting agents brought Anna in to make everyone else look better.

We join Lady Heather and Marissa, as Lady Heather rubs Marissa's arm and laments that she didn't stick to "the original plan." She asks whether Marissa wants Lady Heather to get "Daddy to go find [Luke]," but Marissa declines. Lady Heather insists that Marissa can't make her debut without an escort, and Ryan approaches to say, "I hear there's a White Knight available." Lady Heather makes no effort to hide her disdain as she says she appreciates the offer, but that it's not appropriate. Marissa, however, is already en route to the dressing room.

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