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Fisticuffs and Wristicuffs

Marissa rushes to the back of the line, holding her dress up practically around her neck. It's not very ladylike. Holly is introduced as the daughter of Greg and Mary Ann Fisher. Greg walks her onto the stage, where an escort bows to her; she curtseys and takes his arm. Anna -- child of Cameron and Patricia -- is next. Seth bows. Aw. She curtseys. Eh. Marissa is last. As he walks her onto the stage, Jimmy stops to tell her he loves her, and throws in a "kiddo." She loves him too. Ryan approaches to bow, and Marissa gives him a cute curtsey. It's all very The King and I. We scan the applauding crowd, and Jimmy and Kirsten exchange an amused look. Even Lady Heather has managed not to suck a lemon.

It's time for the waltzing, and the skirt of Marissa's stress is very flowy and pretty. But also? It kind of looks like Saran Wrap. And it doesn't make up for the triple bra straps. We scan dancing couples, including a debonair, waltzing Seth. Ryan is trying hard, but he's not entirely with the music. We get a random, gratuitous shot of Holly, which reminds me that Donna Martin made her debut. She curtseyed all the way to the floor, too. It wasn't pretty. Jimmy proudly watches his daughter, but his revelry is interrupted by Greg, who insists that they didn't finish their conversation, and that he's concerned. Jimmy claims that it can wait until tomorrow, and points out how beautiful the girls look.

We momentarily cut back to the dancers, as Ryan tells Marissa he hates dancing. When she responds, "Wow, thanks," he clarifies that with her it's "not horrible."

Meanwhile, Anna is snitting over Seth's attempts to lead, and then giving him attitude about his attitude.

Greg is also handing out the attitude, explaining to Jimmy sthat he already put in an offer, and with a mortgage on the house and kids in private school, he needs to know if there's a problem. Jimmy flatly says, "Now is not the time," but Greg's not having it. He implores, "Jimmy, where's my money? I asked you a question. Where's my money?" Backed into a corner, Jimmy responds that he didn't want Greg to "find out this way," but that he doesn't have it. Greg's all, "What?" as Jimmy adds that he will have the money, but that he doesn't have it right now. Greg starts to lose it, his voice escalating into a yell as he asks, if Jimmy doesn't have his money, who does? Jimmy takes Greg's elbow and walks him to a more discrete corner of the room, but discretion is relative when someone is screaming in the middle of a fancy ball. If said someone is not a Hilton sister, that is. Jimmy explains that there are problems, but that he's working on them. He cites "some bad investments, some bad accounting," leading Greg to ask if he lost everything. Jimmy tells Greg to keep it down, but Greg won't keep it down because that's his money! That's his retirement! His kids' tuition! Throughout this scene, Greg is getting kind of hands-on with Jimmy, backing him onto the dance floor, until he finally Hulks out, punching Jimmy and yelling, "Son of a bitch!" As Jimmy hits the floor with a thud, the party-goers react (you'd think they'd be used to such scenes by now), including a particularly shocked Marissa. Greg has his hands around Jimmy's neck, stopping the throttling only to throw some more punches, yelling, "You're a thief!" and "You took my money!" Nice guy, that one. Sandy rushes to Jimmy's aid, pulling Greg off Jimmy's back, but then ends up getting clocked, too. Like father, like son, I guess. Ryan gets in on the fight, too, tackling Greg while Holly covers her mouth with her hand. Marissa rushes to her father's aid, while we see Lady Heather slinking down in her seat and covering her face. The fight finally over and Greg restrained, Marissa fusses over Jimmy, while Ryan stands by helplessly.

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