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Fisticuffs and Wristicuffs

Afterward. Police. Sandy holds an ice bag to his jaw, and Kirsten says that she hasn't seen him in a fight "like, ever." Sandy claims that now she should know why, and Kirsten defends his performance, saying he was sucker-punched. Kirsten insists that Sandy didn't have to jump in to defend Jimmy, but Sandy explains, "Well, I've always had a thing for the underdog." He suggests that, after he fills out the police report, they go over to Lady Heather's Lair to see how Jimmy is doing. Ryan joins them, apologizing because he promised no more fights, but Sandy is willing to make an exception this time. He thinks the police will have some questions, though, and says, "Now, as your attorney, I advise you: get out of here!"

Seth approaches Ryan, and asks whether he minds if he walks his date home. Ryan checks out Anna, decides he's not into her, and agrees. Well, that's not quite how it goes down, but it's how it looks. Seth points out that Ryan had "quite a debut" and says he really knows how to present himself. He adds, "Finally, a Cohen who can...throw down!" Hee. Seth asks if Ryan wants to join him and Anna, but Ryan says he'll just see them at home. As they head out, Seth asks if he'll get to see Anna again, and she flatly responds, "No." She then grins in explanation, "I know this might sound whatever, but...I'm spending the rest of the summer on a sailing Tahiti." Oooh, that's bad. Very, very bad. Very the luck of Brandon Walsh. Like the time he met that ice skater and everything was perfect but she had to follow her dreams and so they couldn't see each other anymore. Not that I care, if it spares us Anna for the next several episodes, though. Seth's all, "You like sailing?" and then off they go.

Ryan searches through the party for Marissa, finally spotting her outside, leaning on a bench and staring off into the ocean and rubbing her arms from the cold. He walks over to her, and puts his jacket over her shoulders. He asks if she's okay, and she dazedly asks what happened in there. But Ryan doesn't know. She then asks what's going to happen now. But Ryan doesn't know that either. They stand beside each other, and Ryan watches her carefully, and then suggests that he take her home. As they turn to walk back inside, Luke is standing in front of them. And, for the sake of fairness, it's not just the girls on this show who look greasy and old. And also, Luke's hair is also slicked back in an unfortunate way. He came as soon as he heard about the fight, and struggles to say he's sorry about what happened. He wants to take Marissa home so that they can talk, but she tearfully insists that she just needs to be alone right now. Handing Ryan his jacket, she runs off inside, leaving behind Ryan and Luke. Luke inhales deeply and walks away while Ryan remains behind, looking sad and confused.

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