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Summer Stole Everyone's IQ Points

Summer comes upon Seth, dressed in his pirate costume, begging a random cheerleader to let him be the school's mascot. Random Cheerleader tells him that they've already got a mascot, and furthermore, Seth's peg leg, which he has decided to use as a pointer rather than as, you know, a peg leg, is "creeping [her] out." Summer confronts him and asks him what he thinks he's doing. Seth points out that she's wearing a tuba, so she can't really talk. She leaves to go to the band practice she'll no doubt be immediately kicked out of, knocking her tuba into Seth on her way past him. He responds by poking her with his peg leg. She screams in protest. "You just whacked me with your tuba!" he says. "You just jabbed me with your peg leg!" she retorts. "It was a tap, you little whacker!" Seth says. "It was a jab, jabber!" Summer cries. They sigh because they realize how ridiculous they both are. Summer asks Seth why he has to be better than her at everything. As sad music plays, he tells her, "That's just it, Summer -- I'm not better than you at everything. There's one thing that I was better at." This would have had slightly more emotional impact if Seth wasn't wearing an eye patch and a hoop earring, but the point still got across.

The NewNewport Group does its boring presentation for some impatient investors. Matt totally sucks out when it comes to the part about the alternate scenario because he spent last night with a stripper instead of working on it. The investors are annoyed and unimpressed. Sandy tries to cover for Matt, but it doesn't work. The investors leave, one of them saying "I don't believe this" as she walks by, like, save that stuff for when you leave the meeting room, Miss Unprofessional. Matt stammers out an apology and runs away. Sandy asks Ryan if he has anything to tell him. Busted!

Marissa goes to visit her boyfriend because she cares about him and their relationship. Just kidding! She's actually at Johnny's house, where her knock at his door causes him to drop a glass on the floor, slip on the water, and writhe around in intense pain and wishes he were rich enough to afford Corelle. Although I don't have a knee injury caused by being hit by a buscar, my reaction to Marissa's entrance into scenes is very similar.

Kirsten and Julie enter Jeff's house with their food and party decorations. They're both surprised to see that Jeff's party is guest-less. Jeff explains that that's because he only invited one person -- Julie. Julie is shocked. Kirsten is at Annoyance Level 9. Jeff says he'll pay them for their hard work. He just wants to get to know Julie a little better. I'm trying to decide whether that's really sweet or really creepy. Kirsten thinks it's creepy, and starts to take her things to leave, but Julie thinks it's sweet, and is probably kind of excited at the amount of disposable income Jeff must have to be able to spend $5000 of it on a date, and decides to stay. She takes his hand, and Kirsten, at Annoyance Level 10, tells them they can serve themselves.

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