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Summer Stole Everyone's IQ Points

Summer goes for the door, calling out to her dad and "Gloria" (has the name of the StepMonster ever been revealed before? Honestly, I don't know) that she's headed to Seth's. Well, at least Summer's parents pretend to care about her whereabouts. She opens the front door to find Seth already standing there. He wants to apologize. She's willing to listen. Seth says that Summer is "superior" to him in so many ways, and that he just flipped out when he found out that there was yet another one. Summer says that she will always admire Seth, no matter what. They decide that this could be the year Brown admits two Harbor candidates. I would hope so, considering I always thought prestigious and expensive private schools like Harbor were feeder schools for top-tier colleges. My college was only half the size of Brown, and at least five people in my freshman class came from the same Berkeley-area private school, so I would've thought the possibility of their taking more than one Harbor student wouldn't be such a reach. Also, note to Summer and Seth: apply early decision for the best chance of getting in.

Sandy finds Matt packing his desk. Matt says he feels horrible. Sandy says that Matt should have told him that he couldn't handle the work instead of screwing the company and corrupting his son's morals. Matt sadly says that he'll keep that in mind for future jobs. "Be here at 8 AM on Monday," Sandy says. He's giving Matt one more chance for reasons I cannot even begin to fathom.

Julie arrives at Kirsten's house and complains about her date. Jeff wasn't a very good kisser or conversationalist, which explains why he has to go to such great lengths to get a date with trailer trash, I guess. She apologizes for being so unprofessional, but Kirsten points out that they did get paid, so their first business venture was a success. And it's given Kirsten a new business idea now that she sees that there are rich men out there who are willing to pay for the right woman. Julie gasps and sits up, so excited about where she thinks Kirsten is going with this: "High-class call-girl operation? I love it!" she says. Well, of course she does. I'll bet Law School Lilly the Stripper wouldn't be averse to working for them, either. Kirsten says she was thinking more along the lines of a high-end dating service. Julie's enthusiasm is somewhat dampened, but she still likes the idea. I don't know why they didn't just give us an hour of repeated clips of Sandy being all excited about pirate wars and Julie loving the idea of becoming a madam. I would have given that an A+, people.

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