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Summer Stole Everyone's IQ Points

Marissa heads for Summer's convertible, which she apparently gets to drive now. Seriously, Summer, kick the moocher out! Don't be a doormat! Johnny pulls up in the driveway, having been driven to the mansion by his mother, whose insane work schedule miraculously doesn't include Sunday nights. He apologizes for just showing up, but she wasn't answering his calls, so he didn't have a choice. Marissa cuts him off and says that they should just chalk last night up to the painkillers and forget about it: "Those pills can really mess with your head. Believe me -- I should know." Yes, they apparently made her brain disappear. Johnny says that he didn't mean to say what he said, although he did mean what he said. And he hopes things aren't weird between them now. If that's true, then he really should have just said what Marissa wanted him to say about forgetting about it, but he had to go and say he meant it, so, sorry, Johnny. You lose. Not even Marissa is this stupid. She says that they can still be friends. They just won't be spending any time together. Johnny is sad. Marissa hugs him to lead him on.

Music montage! Seth and Summer work on their application essays in Seth's room. Ryan and Marissa drive despite not actually owning cars. Seth and Summer seal their application envelopes. Ryan enters Summer's bedroom, but no one's there. Marissa walks up to the empty poolhouse. Seth and Summer hold hands and make their way to the mailbox with their application envelopes. "Whomever gets in, I still love you," Summer says. "And I still love you," Seth says. They mail the envelopes and kiss. Awww! As they walk away, Seth explains why Summer's use of "whomever" was grammatically incorrect in that case, and Summer kicks him viciously. That wasn't so awww.

Marissa has let herself into the poolhouse. She sits on Ryan's bed and takes out her phone to call him. He calls her before she gets the chance. You see, Marissa, when you're nourished, you have the strength to do things like dial people's phone numbers. Ryan has made himself right at home in Summer's bedroom, sitting on her bed and playing with Princess Sparkle. In many ways, Ryan and Marissa are perfect for each other. When they get married, they can ask people to send money instead of gifts and have a cash bar at the reception and be rude for the rest of their lives together! They decide to talk to each other over the phone rather than see each other in person, because they like each other about as much as they like physical affection. They start to share stories of their strange weekends. Marissa tells Ryan how she fell asleep on the couch with Johnny, "and then the next night..." she starts, and the show mercifully fades out before we all sink into Boredom Comas.

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