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Summer Stole Everyone's IQ Points

Harbor. Summer runs up to Seth and Ryan and announces that she has an appointment with Dr. Kim. She has to change her college choices now that she got her SAT scores back. I'm not sure how the principal/headmistress/dean/whatever Dr. Kim's title is can help her with that, but whatever. Seth doesn't really care, but Ryan asks Summer what her score was. "I got a 2300," she says, shrugging. At first, I thought that was a joke, because I took the SATs way back when there were only two sections and the top score was 1600. But now they've added a new section and the top score is 2400, so Summer's 2300 is, in fact, very good. Ryan and Seth are shocked. "Is that bad?" Summer asks. So she's too stupid to know what a good score on the SATs is, but we're supposed to believe that she's smart enough to score that well? Ryan shares that Summer got an even better score than Seth did, prompting Seth to say that a study showed that, by probability alone, a third-grader could get a perfect score. Understandably, Summer takes offense to this. Seth says there is no other explanation for how Summer did so well. Summer just shrugs and walks away. Seth still doesn't understand how Summer got such a good score. "She did save Chrismukkah," Ryan points out.

Marissa sets Johnny up on a couch. He keeps trying to get rid of her, but she's her usual clueless self. Johnny's mother strolls in, apparently finished with work at 8 in the morning. What the hell job does she have that makes her go on weekend trips, work the night shift, AND not be able to go pick up her son from the hospital? Is she a hooker? And for that matter, why couldn't Johnny have just waited for his mom to get out of work before he was discharged? She obviously only had a few minutes left on her shift anyway. This is stupid. Johnny's mom is thrilled to meet the Marissa Cooper Johnny's told her so much about, indicating to me that Johnny hasn't really told his mother all that much about her. Johnny's mother calls Marissa "gorgeous," and I guess that, after letting Tate Donovan direct the last episode, they've decided to allow Mischa Barton write this week's. Johnny's mom claims to work the night shift at a nursing home, which still doesn't explain what the hell she was doing in San Jose last week, but whatever. Johnny wants Marissa to leave so that she can make it to class on time, but his mother asks her to stay for her announcement that has nothing to do with Marissa whatsoever: she got Johnny an appointment with "the best sports medicine doctor in all of Orange County." Johnny's thrilled -- until Mom tells him that he'll have to wait a few months to see him. He'll miss the surfing tour, which Johnny apparently didn't realize would happen when he found out that he destroyed his knee. "I did the best I could," Mom says pathetically. Good thing they've got Marissa the Selfless Hero around!

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