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Summer Stole Everyone's IQ Points

Summer plops down next to Seth and says that it turns out that she's "totally smart!" "In your own way," Seth says condescendingly. My Seth love, it cools. "Apparently, I have a lot of what they call 'aptitude,'" Summer continues, undaunted by her boyfriend's jealous asshole behavior. Dr. Kim informed her that, every once in a while, they have a female student who's smart but didn't try very hard because she was more interested in "boys, shopping, and celebrity gossip." And I now officially hate this storyline. Anyway, Dr. Kim thinks that if Summer pulls her grades up, she'll be able to get into Brown, and then she and Seth will be able to go to the same school! "Wouldn't that be awesome?!" Summer cries. "Yeah," Seth says, not at all convincing. And I'm sure Brown won't hold it against Summer that she never bothered to try in school except when she wanted to look good for colleges. Summer says that she's really into going to Brown now that she found out you can make your own major there and they have cute school colors or something. ["Let me guess: one of them is brown?" -- Wing Chun] There's a meeting for prospective students tomorrow. They agree to attend it together, and then sit down to read some of Seth's Kierkegaard, now that they're both smart dorks.

Sandy and Matt are having a NewNewport meeting at the Cohen house even though, last I checked, the NewNewport Group has its own offices. Kirsten interrupts to ask if they want Thai for dinner, and Matt says that Sandy and Kirsten are "almost painful" to be around because they're so happy together. That's not exactly a compliment, but Sandy takes it as one and says he's looking forward to meeting Matt's girlfriend once she moves to Newport from Chicago. Matt looks uncomfortable. Seth and Ryan walk in, and Sandy introduces them to Matt. Seth isn't at all interested in the work stuff, but Ryan sits down, looks at the scale model of the proposed low-income housing project, and suggests adding a wall somewhere to make a courtyard. Matt immediately offers Ryan an internship with a "prestigious development company," and Ryan asks which one. Okay, he doesn't, but I would have loved him if he had. I kind of doubt the NewNewport Group -- home of, like, four employees and on the brink of bankruptcy -- is all that "prestigious." But they could definitely use the free labor, so Sandy approves the idea. Matt tells Ryan to cancel his dinner plans with Marissa and get to work.

Over at Johnny's house, Marissa looks up orthopedic surgeons on a laptop of mysterious origin, seeing as it's probably not Poor Johnny's, and Marissa trashed hers just last week. Also, Marissa is sitting, like, side-saddle in front of it, which can't be good for her posture, not like it could get much worse. She finds a doctor who works at a hospital her mother has been involved with, and wonders if she can get a favor from him. Johnny tells her to stop helping him, but Marissa says it's not like she's ever going to "decide to become a surfer, get hit by a bus, need surgery, and then realize [she] used [her] one big favor with the best doctor in town." Seriously, what is it with people talking about getting hit by buses? My guess is, Johnny was supposed to get hit by a bus in an earlier script, but then they changed it to a convertible after realizing how unintentionally hilarious that would have been, and forgot to change the other scripts. Either that, or someone on the writing staff thinks that buses and convertibles are the same. Probably the same person who thinks you can be as airheaded as Summer and then get an almost perfect score on the SATs.

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