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Summer Stole Everyone's IQ Points

Summer arrives at Johnny's to pick Marissa up, and she really is the nicest friend in the entire universe for being Marissa's personal chauffeur and letting her stay in her house for months on end like that. Marissa's phone rings, so she walks outside to answer it, leaving Summer standing in the living room with Johnny. "You have to help me," he whispers. Ha! No one can take being around Marissa for long periods of time! Oh, actually, Johnny's problem is that Marissa is being way too helpful and spending too much time with him. Summer says that Marissa does tend to be "a little clingy." Yeah, like when she insists on sleeping in your bed with you even though there are plenty of guest rooms in the mansion. Johnny says it isn't that he doesn't like Marissa's attention -- it's that he likes it too much. Summer is thrilled at first, because it means that she was totally right when she called it before. Wow, she really is smart after all. Johnny makes Summer promise not to tell anyone what he said. I don't understand why he told all of this to Summer, who he barely knows, as opposed to, say, Chili or his mother. I guess he just had to get it off his chest. Although now that he's lost that extra weight, he is in danger of floating away. Eat a sandwich, Johnny. Hey, it's only fair that I make fun of the emaciated boys and girls equally.

The next morning, Summer and Marissa are off to school. Marissa thanks Summer for driving her to school, and then makes a special request to be picked up after school at Johnny's house, where she's going to drop off his homework. She also asks Summer to ask her doctor dad to pull some strings to get Johnny a doctor. For someone who asks for so much, Marissa sure does give very little in return. Summer suggests that Marissa maybe not spend so much time with Johnny, but Marissa says that Johnny doesn't have anyone else. His mom is "sweet," but too poor to be any good. Shut up, Marissa. Johnny has plenty of people to help him, and he's been pretty vocal about wanting you not to be one of them, so take a hint and start trying to take care of the other people in your life, like the boyfriend you neglect or the best friend you constantly mooch off. Or your mother, whom you haven't spoken to in like four episodes. Summer agrees to talk to her dad, figuring that the sooner Johnny's knee is taken care of, the sooner he won't need Marissa to be his "nursemaid." Marissa says she actually likes being a nursemaid. In fact, she's thinking of becoming a nurse. Summer laughs at her, now that's she all smart and superior and stuff.

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