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Matt and Ryan work, sort of. Ryan notices that Matt is a little distracted. I don't know why Ryan cares about this, since I certainly don't and I'd bet that the majority of the audience doesn't either. Who is Matt? I don't care! Go away! If I wanted to watch a show about young and hungry business people, I'd watch The Apprentice! Matt says he moved to Orange County from Chicago for this job, and asked his girlfriend to join him out there as his wife. She said no. She is my new favorite character. Matt doesn't want this to affect his job, so he hasn't told Sandy about it. Sandy comes in and says he's got some extra work for them, regarding some upcoming legislature that I really don't care about. It means Matt will have twice as much work to do and less than a day to do it, since the investors are coming tomorrow, even though it's a weekend and no one except the NewNewport Group and Johnny's mother does business on the weekend. "Fourteen hours, laptop, coffee -- Ryan and I are good to go," Matt promises. Ryan's sitting there all "'Ryan and I'? Fuck that -- I'm an intern!" Actually, he just says they should let Sandy know if they can't get the work done in time. Matt says they're taking a "little field trip" instead.

The Brown meeting is called to order. The Brown representative guy announces that he enjoyed meeting everyone, but that he should point out that Brown usually only accepts one Harbor student a year. "I wish I could admit you all, but enjoy the event!" he says, totally insincerely. Also, way to announce that at the end of the meeting instead of the beginning. ["Also...what? How can they discriminate against students just for attending the same school as whichever one gets in?" -- Wing Chun] Seth and Summer exchange worried looks, and then Summer calls the Brown guy over and asks him what makes a student stand out when applying to Brown. I'm thinking the fact that you have to ask a question like that makes you stand out, although probably not in a good way. "Besides good grades," Seth adds. "And high SAT scores," Summer finishes. Brown Guy says it takes a "hook." Man, those handicapped kids get all the luck! Oh, wait -- he didn't mean a literal hook; he meant...

...something about cellos that got cut off in mid-sentence so we could join yet another Marissa 'n Johnny scene, already in progress. Marissa gets Johnny an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon next week, thanks to Summer's dad's doctor connections. Johnny's mom is thrilled, and invites Marissa over for dinner. Marissa says she can't stay, since she's supposed to have dinner with her real boyfriend. ["That's not the reason I would guess for why Marissa wouldn't accept a dinner invitation." -- Wing Chun] Mom says that Marissa can invite Ryan over and they can order in and play board games. More like BORED games. Marissa's phone rings. It's Ryan. "Probably wondering where you are," Johnny mumbles pointedly. "No, he knows!" Marissa responds breezily. Johnny doesn't want you around, dear. Get the hint. Marissa invites Ryan over to Johnny's. On the other end of the line, Ryan says that sounds great, and he'll be over as soon as he can. He looks up at the building Matt has taken him to -- a club called "Bare Elegance" -- and says that they should start without him.

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