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Summer Stole Everyone's IQ Points

The next morning, Summer's in her closet, wrestling with a huge case. Marissa enters the room and flops onto Summer's bed. Summer demands to know where Marissa was all night, and Marissa is kind of annoyed at the question, because it's not like she's staying in someone else's house for free or anything like that and therefore shouldn't have to tell her where she's spending the night so that her hostess won't worry. Marissa says that she fell Johnny's. Summer is concerned. Marissa tries to change the subject to the huge case in Summer's arms. She explains that it's for her tuba, which she learned to play at the band camp she secretly went to in fifth grade. So there's a hint that Summer does have interests in things she's stereotypically not supposed to. A couple more of those, and I'll be able to buy her newfound intelligence. Summer asks if Ryan knows about Marissa's nocturnal activities. "Know what?" Ryan's voice inquires. Ryan appears in the doorway after apparently letting himself into someone else's house without so much as calling beforehand. Didn't he used to get arrested for that kind of stuff? Ring the doorbell, dude. Marissa tries to cover by saying "that movie last night" was "bad," because she has absolutely no taste in anything. Don't be dumping on Rebel Without A Cause, when your acting more closely resembles actual wood than it does Natalie Wood. Marissa asks Ryan what happened to him last night, and Summer snottily asks the same question. Ryan shoots her a confused look, and Summer leaves her OWN BEDROOM, saying that this is none of her business. Ryan and Marissa tell each other what they did last night, both conveniently omitting certain details, and Ryan doesn't even notice that Marissa is wearing the same clothes she was wearing the day before.

The investors have arrived at the NewNewport group, but Matt is nowhere to be found. He arrives, unshaven and unwashed, claiming he didn't hear his alarm go off. Ryan is uncomfortable because he knows the truth. Sandy snaps at Matt to clean up and get ready for their presentation, and walks away. After one second in which Sandy could not have possibly gotten out of earshot, Matt thanks Ryan for not busting him about last night.

The Harbor Marching Band walks down a hallway in full uniform, even though they're only supposed to be practicing today. Summer, too, is in uniform, and she slides into the line with her tuba. Only one person notices the sudden appearance of the tiny girl with the huge brass instrument. Summer says she was hoping she could play with the band and be asked to join it, because college admissions people totally don't notice when someone joins a bunch of extracurricular activities in their senior year in the hopes of making their application look extra-good. Right. Also, how the hell did Summer get hold of the marching band's uniforms? And does she really think she'll just automatically be able to play the tuba again after a quite a few years away from it, and know how to play any of the band's songs or know their choreography? It's completely ridiculous and stupid, but it's kind of worth it to see Summer with a tuba and Sandy's comment about pirate wars, so I'll stop bitching.

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