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Taylor comes back to the hotel to find Henri gone. He left Ryan's bear gift and a note for her. The note says he loves her, but he loves love more. And he doesn't want to be alone in it. He should have realized that when she left his ass four months ago, but better late than never. Au revoir, Henri. Don't let zee door hit you on zee way out.

Sandy reappears in the episode to heat up some dinner in the microwave while talking to Kirsten on the phone. Kirsten says she's having dinner with Julie, and that she may be the "most manipulative, scheming partner in the world," but she's a good friend. Or at least, as Sandy phrases it, "the best friend [Kirsten's] got." And she is that. She's also the only friend Kirsten's got. There's no one else in the opening credits for Kirsten to choose from, so she's stuck with her. Besides, the last time Kirsten tried to make a new friend, we wound up with 7 'n' 7. Better stick with Julie, Kirsten (you doormat).

Kirsten and ChrisBrown take a walk on the beach. ChrisBrown volunteers to ditch tomorrow night's hot bake sale action to spend more time with Kaitlin, but she rather meanly says that the bake sale can't get along without ChrisBrown, since he's the "King of Dorks." Which is much dorkier than being a Professor of Dorkonomics. In fact, now that she's seen how dorky ChrisBrown really is, she thinks he'd be much better with Lucy, whose body is hot "for a dork." She's going to go down to the surf and play with the Ward twins now. "I'll see you around?" she asks. "Nah," ChrisBrown says. Hey, you know what's really dorky? Saying "no" instead of "nah." I would have bought this storyline a lot more if they had cast someone who could play a convincing dork. Even one of those nerd stereotypes on Saved By The Bell would have been more effective. And why is Kaitlin doing this? To help Lucy, who tries to get what she wants by threatening to hurt people? To help ChrisBrown by not letting him abandon his dorky roots? Let people make their own decisions, Kaitlin. Noble effort, though. And we'll never have to see ChrisBrown again, so I'm happy.

Julie returns home to find Bright meditating on the kitchen island. He starts talking about his dream in the sweat lodge. He was his spirit animal, a frog, in it. "Oh god, we've gotta change the locks," Julie says. She's the only sensible person on this show. Other people humor Bright and allow him into their homes and even let him bring them deep into the woods with no food and inadequate supplies. But not Julie. She's going to change the locks.

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