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Seth enters Summer's bedroom with a healed spirit animal and the desire for sex.

Bright keeps telling Julie about his dream even though the expression on her face is equal parts disgust and horror. Bright was swimming around and splashing and having the best time ever because he found his other half -- an otter.

Summer loves otters, and has decided that her foundation will focus on saving them.

Julie doesn't seem to approve of Bright's love for otters. He says dreams don't lie, and now he just has to explain everything to the otter. So... Bright is gay now? Or he's decided he must be gay since he had a dream with an otter and Seth is an otter? Because he never apparently had any feelings for Seth before the dream, based on how he's saying it "sounds crazy." I wouldn't mind seeing a storyline where a guy is in love with Seth, but not Bright. And not like this.

Seth, on the other hand, isn't gay at all. He and Summer make out.

And now it's time to wrap up the Ryan/Taylor stuff. Taylor finds Ryan sitting by the outside fireplace. She tells him that Henri went back to France because he knew that Taylor didn't love him and never would. Ryan's hopeful that this means that he and Taylor are back on, but no! Taylor says that she realized that the words "I love you" have a scary amount of power over her. Too much power, and she thinks she should get stronger on her own before she can be with Ryan again. Yeah, she does. That's a pretty consistent character trait we've seen with Taylor -- her need to be loved -- and we've also seen exactly why she has it. Her mother and father totally suck. I don't know if she needs to break up with Ryan over it, but at least she can be honest enough with herself and care enough about Ryan to do it instead of dragging him through her emotional ups and downs. Unlike some girlfriends he's had. Ryan doesn't seem all that upset about it for someone who cared enough about her to write her a poem. He just says it makes sense. She says she'll "treasure" the bear "forever." Better eat those gummy bears soon, though. They'll get stale.

And Bright stares at a picture of Seth and considers his options. Ugh.

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