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Summer welcomes Seth to their date, which will be taking place in her bedroom. Seth applauds her for saving gas money (as well as set-building money), and she opens the door to a room full of Seth's Favorite Things: Thai take-out, video games, and "whiny records." There's also Summer, who tells Seth she still loves him and may not be ready to get married now, but will be someday. Which was all Seth wanted out of their engagement in the end, but whatever. Seth wants to forget that ever happened, but Summer can't let it go, saying that Seth was "so cute" when he proposed to her and basically talking to him like he's a little boy. An emasculated little boy, that is. Seth says he feels hot and wonders if the air conditioner is broken. Summer points out that it's winter, not that that stopped Sandy from surfing or those people in one of the opening location-establishing montages from jet-skiing. He leaves to get a glass of water, almost running out of the room.

He finds Bright downstairs, unfurling a rug for god knows what purpose, and says he was right about Seth's aura. Bright says he can fix him. The "healing" will start tomorrow morning.

That Carl's Jr. commercial with the two Philly cab drivers talking about the Philly Cheesesteak Burger is absolutely disgusting. Two greasy, dirty, ratty-looking guys talking with their mouths full does not exactly give me an appetite. It's even less appealing than their commercial with the really sweaty guy eating the jalepeño burger and looking like every single bite of it was absolute agony. Of course, those are both better than the Carl's Jr. commercial with Paris Hilton. What I'm saying is, Carl's Jr. may want to hire a new ad agency. One that knows how to make their food and the people who eat it look appealing.

The next day, Summer leaves a message for Seth saying she hopes he's feeling better after that "crazy 24-hour flu thing" he came down with yesterday and also, she doesn't believe he even had the flu. She finds a note on the kitchen island from Bright. Of course, when she reads it, Bright's voiceover comes on along with the featured track from "Pure Moods 3." Bright says Seth needs to fix his aura and "embrace his inner warrior" by "running with the wolves." Running with the wolves would make me embrace my inner "shit my pants in terror," but different strokes for different folks.

We cut to Bright and Seth getting their camping bags together and leaving the truck for an aura-repairing hike. Seth wants to bring his cell phone, but Bright says they're good with his harmonica and their giant backpacks. They start walking as Bright voiceovers to Summer that she might want to use this time to find her own path. "Oh, crap," Summer says. Hey, Summer, you're the one who told him not to leave. Now you've subjected all of us to wasting one of the last remaining episodes on camping misadventures. You're the last person who gets to complain about it.

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