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Guess who's home? It's Kirsten! Sandy is both thrilled and relieved. They kiss some more, because they haven't done that enough in this episode, and Kirsten rightfully apologizes for scaring Sandy last night. She says she spent the previous night at a sleazy motel with a bottle of vodka, but didn't drink any of it. She doesn't want to hide from her life anymore. "If things get messy, we'll clean 'em up together," Sandy says. Or you could just do it at the beach and let nature take care of it. Kirsten takes out Caleb's letter and says she needs Sandy around when she reads it. "I'm right here," says Sandy. Kirsten opens the letter and reads it. We don't see it, but Kirsten tells us that it's an apology. It was a good surprise after all, both for Kirsten and the viewers, because that was some nice continuity there. Kirsten cries into Sandy's chest. Aw.

Marissa finds Julie waiting for her wedding. Julie sees that Ryan is with her, which is the first sign of trouble, and then notices the look on Marissa's face. "Where's your father?" she asks. Marissa just holds up the ring. And Julie's heart is broken. She wonders what she's going to do now. "We'll figure it out together. We always do," Marissa tells her. Aw.

Seth and Summer return the sex-covered props to the theater. Seth says that their first "foray" into musical theater was a big success, and Summer tells him not to say "foray" ever again. I guess she doesn't like that word. And it has the added bonus of giving her something to put Seth down about. Summer leaves to get the tiki torches, and then a huge Spotlight of Drama turns on as Dean Evil calls out Seth's name. He accuses Seth of stealing props. Seth says he just borrowed them. For his dad. Who loves musicals. And does a fabulous rendition of "Some Enchanted Evening." I wish that could have been the song they used in the montage. Dean Evil ain't buying it. Seth says that he borrowed the set and brought it back unharmed and that it will be re-assembled. No harm, no foul. Dean Evil says it's more about the "principle of the thing." Speaking of principals of things, where is Dr. Kim? Did Dean Evil lock her in her closet so that he could have full control of the school? What the hell is he doing there on a Saturday morning anyway? This is stupid. Seth tells him to go ahead and expel him, then, since at the rate he's going, the school will be free of students by Thanksgiving. Free of students who steal stuff and punch authority figures and shoot people, that is. Dean Evil says that he's not about to give Seth the privilege of reuniting with his friends in Happy No School Land: "I'm gonna keep you here. With me." "That's creepy," Seth mutters, which was really funny. Dean Evil gives Seth a month of detention, unless he wants to rat out his partner. Summer the Idiot walks in with the one tiki torch she took out of the car (way to carry, Sums) and just stares at the scene, not coming forward to give herself up, but not hiding, either. Seth says that he acted alone, and Summer skulks off with her tiki torch -- which is gigantic, by the way. Or maybe it just looks big next to all these teeny-tiny cast members. Seriously, I've met Ben McKenzie and Adam Brody, and they came up to my knees. And I'm just over five feet tall. Can you imagine what would happen if the fabulous Richard Moll ever guest-starred on this show? He could step on them all! Parental discretion would have to be advised. Dean Evil extends Seth's punishment to two months.

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