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"Sorry about your dad," Ryan says to Marissa. It's hard for him to be very sympathetic about this since it means he gets to have more Marissa, but he does try. Much as it's hard for Ben McKenzie to be a good actor, but he does try. Marissa says she's more scared than mad right now. Ryan says they'll stick together, and everything will be all right. Kissy-kissy. Yet another song plays on the soundtrack. This show is just an hour-long music video.

Seth is proud of himself for being brave and not selling Summer out. Summer ought to be ashamed of herself, though. Ryan says that Seth is becoming a man. He's in a great mood because he finally had sex. Speaking of people in great moods because they finally had sex, a grinning Kirsten and Sandy walk in, bearing grocery bags. Ryan runs up to greet Kirsten with a cute hug, while Seth stands back, surprised and tentative. He asks Kirsten if she's really home. She says she is. "I missed you," he says with the cutest big grin on his face. I'm glad Adam Brody woke up from his stupor in time to express a genuine emotion when it was really necessary. Kirsten says that she missed him, too. They hug, and I might have sniffled a bit because even my cold black heart is touched when families get back together. Sandy asks if anyone's hungry, and they totally are. They move to the kitchen, everyone updates each other on the latest goings-on. Seth has two months detention. Caleb is broke. Ryan and Marissa are expelled. Jimmy sailed out of town (again). Kirsten's reaction to all of this bad news is a smile. I think she's drunk.

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