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Speaking of people who can't take care of themselves, Jimmy's on the phone with his shady loan sharks telling them that everything is under control and that they'll be getting their money soon. He gets off the phone and comes to Sandy's door. He starts off by apologizing for the last few weeks. They exchange a Handshake of Forgiveness, and Jimmy gets to the real reason for his visit: money. Specifically, how much of it Julie will be getting from Caleb's estate and how soon. He asks Sandy if he can make a phone call for Jimmy to find out. I don't know why the lawyer in charge of Caleb's will would give Sandy answers he wouldn't give anyone else, although maybe they both speak a secret lawyer language. Sandy notices that Jimmy's all nervous and asks if there's anything else he needs to know. Of course, Jimmy denies that there is. Sandy says he'll call the lawyer.

Over at Harbor, Seth reports to Summer that he has already been given a wedgie -- by sophomores. Don't worry, Seth! I'm sure there's an indie-emo-retro '80s band out there with a song all about the pain of having cotton shoved upwards into your ass crack that will make you feel all better. Also, I see that the actual scene of Seth getting the wedgie was left out of the episode, proving that my earlier theory that I will not be seeing the violent content I want to see is correct. Dean Evil slithers up to the pair and asks if they'd like to help with the school's production of South Pacific, since he figured they'd want to do something to make up for the fact that they were responsible for Marissa's "crashing" the carnival. I didn't see her "crash" it so much as "come as the invited guest of a Harbor student," but then, I didn't see Seth and Summer being responsible for her presence there at all, either. I must have watched a different episode. Summer says that she would join just about any school club before she'd be involved with the drama club, of which one Taylor Townsend is, of course, president. Is there anything that Taylor can't do? She's amazing!

Speak of the she-devil, Taylor comes up and says that, yes, she will be directing the musical, as well as writing it. Still a little groggy from his wedgie, Seth slurs that he always thought Rodgers and Hammerstein wrote the play. Taylor Baz Luhrmanns that she went in and changed a few things around to make a good play even better. "That sounds awesome!" Summer over-enthuses, adding that, unfortunately, she and Seth are very busy so they won't be able to help. Taylor makes a pouty face at the Dean, who says that while drama club is voluntary, Seth and Summer should show some school spirit unless they, too, want to be expelled. Um...what? I know this is private school, but they still have to have a reason to expel someone to write on the expulsion report. And I don't think "one guy thought they didn't have enough school spirit" really flies as a reason here.

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