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Ryan brings Sandy a bagel and asks if Marissa can stay with the Cohens when the Coopers move to Hawaii. "You gotta lotta nerve even to bring that up," Sandy says. "I care about this girl," Ryan says. He cares about her so much that he refers to as "this girl." He thinks Marissa needs a break, just like Ryan and Sandy once did. Sandy says that Kirsten's absence must be making him all sentimental, and that Ryan's plan "poses a myriad of obstacles." Apparently, Kirsten's absence also makes him unable to use words like "myriad" correctly. Due to bad grammar, parental discretion is advised. "Anything you can do!" Ryan says, taking off before Sandy can change his mind. Sandy calls Kirsten.

Kirsten's happy to hear from Sandy, and says she's going to see him on Friday. "So you're gonna come?!" Sandy says, hoping that means he'll get to come, too. It's been a long summer for Sandy. Kirsten says she's not exactly looking forward to it, but that she thinks it's important for her to be there. Sandy hopefully asks if Kirsten plans to stay in Newport. "We'll see how it goes," says Kirsten, as 7 'n 7 walks out with a tray of tea. Sandy and Kirsten hang up, and 7 'n 7 apologizes for "accidentally" overhearing their conversation after she accidentally turned on her cell phone listening device. Kirsten says she thinks that going back to Newport for the will is the right thing to do. 7 'n 7 asks if it's the right thing for Kirsten or for Sandy. Kirsten says that Sandy has been more than accepting of every stage of her recovery, and makes it clear that she is going because she wants to, not because Sandy does. So 7 'n 7 asks if Kirsten is trying to please her dead dad, hoping something with stick. It doesn't work this time, though. Kirsten is going back to Newport, and she feels great. "Please promise me you'll sleep on it," 7 'n 7 urges. And by "it," she of course means the small tape player she hid under her pillow that will be playing a recording of 7 'n 7 saying "don't go to Newport" over and over again.

Taylor has fabulous fun bossing Summer around with the roof placement on the super-romantic Tonganese beach hut. Seth, meanwhile, has nailed his shirt to the hut's bamboo wall. "He's a little disabled when it comes to handling tools," Summer explains. "Summer, it's specially-abled," Taylor corrects, and gets down to business, telling Summer and Seth that it's so great they still have each other, after Marissa, the "popular one," left Summer alone and Ryan, "the protector," left Seth to fend for himself. Seth's still the "biggest geek in Newport," Taylor says, and Summer has had enough of that. "Listen, skank," Summer begins, as Seth hits a hammer against his hand menacingly but not really. "Just because you're saying really mean things in like a really nice voice doesn't mean that we don't realize that you're just some stupid little skank!" While I applaud the realistic teenage dialogue here, I would like to see Summer diversify her insult vocabulary just a bit, especially since we don't have any proof as of yet that Taylor even is a skank except for those looks she and Dean Evil keep shooting each other. Of course, he's right there to hear the commotion, and asks Summer if there's a problem. Taylor says there isn't, and then bursts into fake tears and runs away. Dean Evil asks if that is Seth and Summer's idea of "school spirit." From what I've seen of Harbor, it does seem like a pretty good guess. Dean Evil doesn't think so, and warns Seth and Summer that if there is "one more incident" there will be "consequences." And parental discretion will be advised.

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