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Marissa wanders into the poolhouse, where Ryan is wearing his hottest wifebeater. They greet each other with what is supposed to be a hot and steamy kiss, and Ryan tells Marissa that he convinced Sandy to help keep Marissa in Newport. Marissa isn't exactly thrilled. She says it's really great of Ryan to do that, but that keeping her family together is important to her, even if it means having to move to Hawaii. She apologizes and leaves. I'll tell you what: The O.C. really is pushing the envelope of audience expectations here, making moving to Hawaii seem like a bad thing. This is daring television.

The Cohen/Atwood guys have yet another morning conversation. Ryan doesn't know what to do about Marissa's moving away. Sandy says that Ryan will just have to figure out whether a long-distance relationship will work. It really depends on whether or not there's another blonde Borg with mysterious yet obviously evil intentions in Hawaii. Seth suggests that Ryan start a blog about the "innermost workings of Ryan Atwood." Unfortunately, Ryan does not have any innermost workings, although that hasn't stopped anyone from starting a blog before. Sandy tells Ryan to do something special for Marissa before she leaves, and Seth, inspired by South Pacific, says that it should be something that will help Marissa to remember Ryan when she's surrounded by "hot native dudes and lonely sailors." Ryan and Sandy both stop what they're doing and stare at Seth, who takes that back before violent content that parental discretion is advised for happens to him. Sandy changes the subject to Kirsten, saying that he'll be seeing her today and asking if Seth has a message he'd like Sandy to pass along to her. Seth would like to know if she's ever coming home. Sandy says that if they push Kirsten too hard, it'll be their fault if she comes home before she's ready and screws up again. Seth says that if they don't push, Kirsten may never come home, and Sandy angrily says that the situation is too "complicated for those snide comments," although it's not like Seth said that Kirsten could go off to Hawaii and have sex with hot native dudes and lonely sailors, so it really wasn't as bad as it could have been. Sandy's just being over-sensitive because he's just as afraid of Kirsten never coming back as Seth is. When, that is, Seth remembers that he has a mother.

Kirsten can't escape the Cabin in the Woods without 7 'n 7 catching her on her way out and complimenting her will-reading attire. She asks if she can join Kirsten. She'll wait in the car while Kirsten hears the will, and then they can stop in Palm Springs for lunch on the way back. "I think I just need to go alone," Kirsten says. That's right, Kirsten! You break that spell of codependence 7 'n 7 has put you under and you go to that will-reading and you come home to Newport! Kirsten assures 7 'n 7 that whatever Caleb's will has in store for her, it won't be more than she can handle. 7 'n 7 says that she has a feeling Caleb has a surprise in store for Kirsten, because she read the script. "I just hope it's a good one!" she says, which means it won't be.

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