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So ... this is it. I've never recapped a series finale before, unless you count that episode of 7th Heaven that was supposed to be the series finale but then wasn't. There won't be a last minute reprieve for The O.C., though, so this is really, truly, it. Let's hope it goes out as well as it came in.

It's six months after the last episode, and everyone's living in Dr. Neil's house! So already, I'm not thrilled with this. Six months later feels like a season premiere, not a series finale. I don't want to waste time expositing what transpired in the last six months off-camera when we could be sending this show out properly. Sigh. Kirsten is hugely pregnant, which Kelly Rowan shows us by briskly walking around with her hand on her belly. Nice pregnancy waddle, there, Kelly Rowan. I've never been pregnant and even I know that was terrible. Can't she just put in a little bit of effort for the last episode? Sandy's making crepes for breakfast, as Taylor Townsend sent Kaitlin a griddle from France. So she went to France? After all we went through with her trying to go to Berkeley? What the hell? Oh, and Ryan and Taylor broke up despite seeming perfectly happy last week. When asked, Ryan claims he doesn't even think about Taylor anymore. Kirsten thanks Kaitlin for being so accommodating to the Cohens while they've been crashing at the Roberts mansion, as if this is Kaitlin's house or something. It's not, unless in the last six months Dr. Neil totally wussed out and just gave them the house. Kaitlin says their presence has given her a chance to perfect her Sandy Cohen impression. She demonstrates it, and... it still needs a lot of work. Nice try, though.

Julie enters the room, and what the hell?!?! She's pregnant, too?! Not only that, but she's about to get married... to BULLIT? Whaaaaa? But... but... we wasted so much time with Julie choosing Frank over BULLIT. Why are we going back? If there isn't a good, reasonable explanation for all this, I'm going to feel really ripped off. To hammer the point home that they're about to get married -- which they need to do since it's so out of freaking nowhere -- BULLIT walks in, kisses Julie on the cheek, and calls her "the future Mrs. Gordon BULLIT." Kirsten says that after tomorrow's wedding, Julie and BULLIT will be "just another old married couple." "Just like that one living upstairs," Julie responds.

Which one? That would be Seth and Summer, who enjoy a breakfast of toaster strudels before breaking out the recline function on their twin easy chairs to watch Briefcase or No Briefcase. This appears to be a daily ritual. "The premise is so simple," Seth says. "Yet so compelling," Summer finishes. Kind of like this show in its first season. Now, it's needlessly complicated and boring. Oh well. Sandy enters the room immediately after knocking and without waiting for a response, as he apparently wants to walk in on his son having sex. He orders Seth to accompany the rest of the family on a trip to the old house for the house inspector's visit. I guess house inspectors give your home a better review when the entire family is present? Seth says that the easy chair is his home now, but Sandy doesn't care.

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