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They enter a bedroom in someone else's house and Ryan apologizes to Taylor for being insensitive during their phone conversation. If the Cohens do end up moving to Berkeley and Ryan and Taylor don't see each other again, he wants them to part as friends. She says that's fine, and they shake hands. And then start making out. Taylor rips Ryan's shirt right off, but he doesn't seem to mind too much. They collapse on the bed, and then Todd walks in. "What is it with you people?!" he asks, and walks back out again. Hopefully, he's on his way to calling the police. Or at the very least, to compose a strongly-worded letter to Miss Manners.

Summer tells Seth about Pancakes having babies, and they're both pretty disappointed in themselves for not realizing Pancakes was even pregnant. They agree they've been in a rut lately, and Summer wonders if they can spend the next four years like this. Seth pulls out the G.E.O.R.G.E. flier and hands it to her. "You've got to go, Summer," he says.

BULLIT and Julie exchange marriage vows.

Suddenly, the Frankmobile screeches to a halt and Frank runs out. He dramatically approaches the church in slow motion, swings open the doors, and screams "Julie!" But... no one's there. Ha ha!

You'd think that would be the end of it, but... no. Frank has no shame. He calls Kaitlin on her cell phone, which she keeps on her and turned on during her mother's wedding. She answers it and tells everyone it's Frank. Frank demands to be put on speaker phone. "I love you, Julie, and I want to be there for you and our son!" he says. This gets a reaction from the audience, if not much of one from Ryan. I guess he's all tired from just having sex. "This is so romantic!" Taylor says. No, it isn't. It's really fucking rude. Poor BULLIT. He doesn't deserve this, even if he names all his sons after Texas cities except for Spencer and the Asian one. BULLIT grabs the phone and tosses it away before Julie can answer, but it's too late. She asks BULLIT for a moment alone. You know what? Fuck you, Julie. You made your choice. Well, I think you did. I didn't get to see you being pregnant and telling Frank and him freaking out, but I've been told that you made your choice and it was BULLIT. You can't keep stringing him along while you wait for Frank to stop being an asshole. Now you're an asshole, too. And BULLIT, you're a sucker.

Kaitlin finds her mother and tells her that whoever she decides to marry to make sure it's who she wants to marry. Hasn't she said this before?

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