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Right Back Where We Started From

Outside, Todd and Patrick watch the Cohens and make a decision. Yes, they've finally decided to put an end to the torture of being forced to house weddings and births and sex, and now that the Cohens have put their bodily fluids all over the house, they'll sell it to them. Hopefully for well above market value. Sandy is thrilled. Kirsten might be as well, but she doesn't get any lines. "The Cohens are moving to Berkeley! Sophie, you're home!" Sandy says. Ugh. I have to say, I personally don't like it when series end with people moving away like this. I'd rather think of them living in the same house, on that same set, being the same people I enjoyed watching forever. It kind of sucks to tell me that they're started a new chapter in their lives and then not let me see it.

Julie finally emerges from the house. "Hey, sweetie," BULLIT greets her way too nicely and patiently. "You made up your mind?" Before Julie can answer, we go to a commercial. Might as well take advantage of the one semi-suspenseful moment in this episode.

After the commercial, we find Sandy packing up with little Sophie sleeping in the carrier. Awww!

Julie and Kaitlin talk about how empty the house will be without the Cohens. "My Sandy imitation was killer," Kaitlin claims. Kaitlin, you did a lot of great things this season. But that Sandy imitation was not one of them. "It's just the two of us now," Julie says. "It's pretty awesome that you decided to stay single," Kaitlin exposits. Yeah, it is. In fact, it was awesome when Julie made the decision to stay single way back in the beginning of this season like three times. Now it's... boring. Kaitlin asks what Julie's "life plan" is now. Julie says she doesn't know, but she's looking forward to figuring it out and doing it on her own. Kaitlin and Julie both agree that they'll be fine alone, together. With that, Julie sees one of Summer's undergraduate catalogues on the table and starts leafing through it.

Sandy and Kirsten look through some old photos. One of them is, of course, the Chrismukkah picture. Then Kirsten packs them all away in the tiny red box she stores all the family photos in.

Seth, Taylor, and Ryan say good-bye to Summer as she prepares to board the G.E.O.R.G.E. bus. Ryan and Summer exchange last names for the last time, and we see that Summer gave Ryan one of Pancakes' babies. Ryan promises he'll raise Flapjacks right. Apparently, Flapjacks is a boy, although I don't really have much faith in Summer's ability to sex her pets. Flapjacks is super-cute. Taylor and Summer hug and promise to read each other's blogs to stay updated, although Summer says "ew!" to the thought of reading more of Taylor's innermost sex thoughts. With that, Ryan and Taylor leave Summer and Seth alone. They hold hands, and Summer promises Seth that he has nothing to worry about. "This isn't good-bye. You're my destiny, Cohen," she says. "Go save the world, Summer Roberts," Seth says, and Adam Brody couldn't deliver that line without being all sarcastic and insincere, could he? Ugh. They kiss, and Summer says she'll see Seth after the New Hampshire primary. She boards the bus and they stare at each other through the windows and wave. And then she's gone.

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