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Oh, and Kirsten and Sandy pack the bagel slicer.

Later that day, Taylor and Ryan say their good-byes. They're both going off to very different schools and don't know what's going to happen between them next, but Ryan says that what's already happened is important. "You saved me," he tells her. Taylor says Ryan saved her a little as well. They kiss, and we realize they're actually sitting in the dining car of a train. Ryan asks Taylor why she's taking a train instead of a plane, and she says she's taking it to New York and then a boat from New York to Paris. So she'll be getting back to school sometime next year. "It's the strangest thing, but no airline would have me," Taylor says. So... we won't let the terrorists fly, but it's totally cool for them to take trains and boats? Okay. Taylor warns Ryan to get off the train before it starts to leave, but it's too late. Taylor says the next stop is an hour away. Ryan says they can "do a lot" in an hour, and Taylor says she did book a sleeper car. We do not cut to a shot of the train going through a tunnel.

The next day, the movers are taking stuff out of the condemned Cohen house. They kept furniture in it even though it collapsed on itself? Okay. Finally, everything is out of the house and it's time to say good-bye.

On the driveway, Sandy and Kirsten see Seth off to college and say they'll see him on Parents' Day. They're not going to drop him off or anything? That sucks. Everyone comes in for a group hug, which is cheesy, but necessary. Sandy and Kirsten get in the car. Ryan will be following in his jeep, which has been fixed since the earthquake, but says he'd like to hang back and spend some more time with the house. Sandy tells him to take all the time he needs, and he and Kirsten leave.

This leaves Ryan and Seth on the driveway. Ryan offers to give Seth a ride to wherever he's going (airport, I guess), but Seth says he might as well begin his life of loneliness and isolation now. Well, that's a happy moment for Seth to leave on. Ryan says he'll be fine, and Seth says he did some checking up on Ryan's new roommate, and it's not looking good. The guy's favorite book and movie are The Da Vinci Code. Hmm... no, that doesn't bode well. "He's no me," Seth says. "You say that like it's a bad thing," Ryan shoots back. "At least I leave you funnier than when I found you," Seth says. "I'm a lot better off than when you found me," Ryan says "Me, too," Seth says, and Adam Brody did manage to put some effort into his lines there. Which is good, because those lines deserved it. With that, the boys decide to shake hands instead of hug, then end up hugging anyway. Seth then gets into a heretofore unseen cab and takes off.

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