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Oh, gross. Che calls Summer at home. He says he was doing some "out of body work" and had a vision of Summer in a white dress surrounded by owls. So... he did shrooms? Summer tells Che that she got engaged, and Che says "that's amazing! I will weave you guys something ASAP." Okay, Daughter of Regis, I'll give you another one. But what is Summer wearing right now? Oh my god, it's like a prairie dress and a Victorian-era housemaid uniform mated. Che gives Summer some advice: "in order for two halves to be whole, each half must be whole on its own." I guess Che isn't taking many math classes at Brown, since that would make two wholes, not one. He then sings Summer a song that we don't have to hear much of, thank god.

Sandy finds Ryan sitting by the pool and asks him what's up. Ryan tells him about his and Taylor's latest fight and how he thinks they're too different to be together. Sandy points out that he and Kirsten are different, too, and they've made it work except for the times when the writers threw them a storyline bone and gave them contrived marital difficulties. Ryan asks Sandy how he knows if he and Taylor are good different or bad different. Sandy says you just have to focus on what holds you together instead of what separates you. Also, for two halves to be whole, those two halves must also be whole. Two quarters must be whole too, but it takes four quarters to make a whole, so you'll need two more whole quarters. A2 + B2 = C2.

Summer shows off her love of the environment by throwing her bridal magazines in the trash instead of recycling them. Seth shows up and says Seattle was "good" and Dr. Neil did not give them immediate permission to get married. "Damn!" Summer says with fake disappointment. But Seth's done some thinking, and he admits that he asked Dr. Neil because he knew he'd say no and then Seth would be off the hook. And now he's realized that he doesn't want to be off the hook after all. He wants to stay engaged, but it can be a long engagement. Summer says she's done some thinking as well, and realized that she has some kind of mental problem that makes her see and talk to people who aren't there. She'll be committing herself now, good-bye and sorry. Actually she realized that she doesn't know who she is, what with the flip-flopping between caring about the environment to being a Newpsy, which are apparently mutually exclusive. Anyway, Summer needs to go find herself. She gives Seth his ring back. "We might need it someday," she claims. Seth doesn't seem to have much hope of that.

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