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Summer looks through Holly's wedding album. Holly says being married is great because you work out in the morning and then shop the rest of the day with your other married friends. Holly says the group calls themselves "the Newpsyweds." "Can you even handle how cute that is?" she asks Summer. Summer cannot. Holly says she's arranged for them to all hang out at lunch tomorrow, and Summer has to admit that it will be nice to spend time hanging out with a group of girls her own age. Holly then finds Pancakes and starts playing with his ears, which Summer objects to.

Ryan walks past a store with a sign advertising Big Korea's newest album (English translation of the title: I Had A Threesome With Some Girl And My Cousin) to check out the A Season for Peaches display. He can't help but go inside the store and see the book for himself, only to discover that Henri-Michel is actually in the store this very minute for a book signing! And you know it's Henri-Michel because French-y accordian music plays. Henri-Michel is not as hot or young as I thought he would be. He offers to sign Ryan's book and asks who to make it out to. "Taylor," Ryan says.

Taylor stops by the Poolhouse with coffee the next morning. She doesn't knock before entering, so she sees A Season for Peaches on Ryan's bed. He enters, sweaty and hot from a jog, and admits to reading the book and meeting Henri-Michel last night. "Dirty hair, scarf, smells like Brie," Ryan describes him. Because all French people are unwashed, cold, and eat cheese. I'm surprised Ryan didn't mention the baguette crumbs stuck in Henri-Michel's beard or the overall impression he got from Henri-Michel that if a German guy challenged him to a fight, Henri-Michel would curl up in a fetal position and surrender. And then a British and an American guy would fight the German guy for him and win, but Henri-Michel would still think he was better than the British and the American guy and not be at all grateful for their help. But anyway, Ryan apologizes for reading the book after telling Taylor he wouldn't, but admits it was weird seeing Henri-Michel in person. Taylor notices that Ryan won't even look her in the eye. He says he has to shower and go to work. Taylor is pissed at Henri-Michel.

Seth arrives in Seattle, which we know because of the establishing shot of the Space Needle. I'm sure there's more to Seattle than that Space Needle, but according to television, there isn't. Dr. Neil is there, and I was kind of hoping I was never going to have to see him again, but his time away from the show has improved his appearance, so that's good. His hair is shorter, and he's not so puffy. Seth says he's in town for more than a game of golf: he's "thinking about" marrying Summer. He presents the idea to Dr. Neil as if it's just a stupid whim. When Dr. Neil asks Seth if he loves Summer, Seth just says she's "cool" and "pretty easy on the eyes." Dr. Neil suspects that Summer is pregnant, but Seth says she isn't. Although they thought she might be. With that, Dr. Neil gets a call and has to go, as the hospital has just admitted "a man who's been impaled by what appears to be a unicorn." Seth's reaction to that is a breathless "unicorns!" that is awesome. Dr. Neil leaves, promising to talk more about this with Seth tomorrow, as unicorn impalements apparently take plastic surgeons the entire day and night to deal with.

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