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Kirsten's had the cell phone all day and still done nothing with it. Finally, she calls someone from Julie's phonebook. It's a client with a date tonight, and Kirsten reschedules her for a different time. Then, instead of looking all proud of herself for being so slick, Kirsten sighs and looks depressed. Like always.

Ryan stops by Taylor's room to apologize. She won't open the door for him, so he has to yell through the door that he wasn't upset about the book sex stuff last night, but about all the French philosophers and stuff who seemed "out of [his] league." Taylor opens the door.

They sit on the bed together. Aw. Taylor says that Ryan is just as smart as Henri and she doesn't need him to be someone else. She tells Ryan that she agreed to go on the French talk show tonight, and he encourages her. In fact, he'd like to come watch, if he can. And with that, Ryan's horny.

In Seattle, Seth and Dr. Neil have lunch at the hospital cafeteria. Seth asks about the unicorn, and Dr. Neil says that some guy actually dressed his horse up as a unicorn for his daughter's birthday and "things went terribly awry. But it taught us all about the value of family." I kind of wish they had kept the meta joke going a little while longer and had Dr. Neil add something about some raspy-voiced woman then doing a voiceover to wrap everything up. As for Seth's proposal, Dr. Neil says no. He likes Seth fine, but he doesn't think Seth appreciates Summer enough. Seth is sincerely upset about this, saying that he was hoping Dr. Neil was object to the marriage on different grounds. Maybe he would, Seth, if you hadn't said that Summer was "cool" and "easy on the eyes" when Dr. Neil asked if you loved her. Idiot. Seth adds that Summer is really funny and he loves to make her laugh and she makes him "more of a man." "I love every minute I spend with your daughter, I really do," he says. Dr. Neil asks Seth if he wants to spend the rest of his minutes with Summer, and Seth says he really does. Oh... okay. That came out of nowhere. Dr. Neil tells Seth to come back after college.

Back with the Newpsyweds, Newpsywed 2 (or is it 1? And is that Holly?) talks about how she evicted some endangered owls from their home under their desk (owls live under decks? I thought they lived in trees) to make room for a new Jacuzzi. Summer is drunk from the champagne they're still drinking and talks all ghetto about how she "gots to get her hot tub." The conversation turns to something else, but Summer doesn't hear it since she's having hallucinations again. This time, Che is making owl noises behind the chair. Summer, you may want to get your hallucinating-every-time-you're-drunk-on-champagne thing checked out by a doctor. And Chris Pratt, you may want to get your agent to give you parts on shows where you're not relegated to appearing in make-believe land. The Newpsyweds bust out a wedding dress for Summer to try on.

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