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A heated argument is going on on the French talkshow, but I have no idea what it's over. Probably over whether or not Pepe Le Pew was a hero or a villain. Ryan stops by to watch. He looks proud of Taylor.

Summer checks herself out in the mirror with the wedding dress on. Rachel Bilson is way too skinny. Che stops by and tells her to stop the wedding plans. Newpsywed 3 shows up and says that Summer looks better in Holly's dress than Holly did, then brings her downstairs to check out their great idea for a ringbearer. It's Pancakes and a vat of pink dye. Where did they get the pink dye? I don't know. And do they think the wedding is tomorrow and therefore Pancakes has to be dyed right now? "Isn't that so adorable, you just want to kill yourself?" they ask. No and yes. Summer grabs Pancakes out of the evil Newpsywed's grasp and runs away.

The French talk show ends with Taylor making a good point and Henri holding up the white flag of surrender that every French person is required to have with them at all times. The host says good-night without mentioning Gérard Depardieu once. Ryan hugs Taylor when she comes off of the set, and she leaves to say good-bye to people. This allows Henri to walk up and invite Ryan to celebrate the show with some wine. He says he'd love to talk about David Hume with Ryan as well, since Taylor told him that Ryan was an expert on the man after Ryan left the dinner last night. Ryan is not pleased about this. Good going, Taylor.

After the commercial, Ryan pulls Taylor aside and confronts her about lying to Henri about him. Taylor gets defensive, saying that after Ryan said nothing during dinner and then left abruptly, she had no choice but to make all that shit up. She didn't want Henri to judge Ryan, but couldn't think of anything true about Ryan that would impress Henri. Ryan says he doesn't mind that she lied to Henri to make Ryan look better; he minds that he thinks Taylor wishes she had something to be impressed with him for. Taylor denies this, but Ryan's inferiority complex has taken over. He says he and Taylor are just too different, and leaves.

Kirsten finally does something. She goes to a hotel room to meet her client's date, but starts to chicken out. But the man inside the room heard her wimpy passive-aggressive knock and calls her back.

Meanwhile, Julie has to deal with using her land line, which is ringing. Spencer's on the phone, and Julie explains that she didn't get his messages since her cell phone's been missing for two days and Julie lacks the ability to check her voicemail from somewhere else. Nor did she just get a new phone with all that money she has so she could stay on top of the day-to-day business of her illegal prostitution ring. Whatever. Anyway, Julie is very surprised to hear that her partner cancelled a client's date.

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