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Not By The Hair Of My Chinny Chin Chinplant

The boys eat pizza on the pier. Seth eats with one hand stuffed in his pocket. It's cute, except I'm really hoping he washed his hands and face after the airport incident. Seth wonders whether the girl he's supposed to be with just went back to Pittsburgh, and Ryan asks, "What if she went back to Chino?" to which Seth's all, "Why would Anna go back to Chino?" Ryan says that they at least have each other, and Seth points out that he has Summer now, but offers to "put a little Seth-Ryan time on the books." Ryan sarcastically thanks him, and then claims that he could always hang out with Luke. Ryan wonders aloud about what Luke's doing right now, and Seth's all, "Discovering fire? Hunting and gathering? Shaving his chest with a pocket knife?" He suggests that the two could do that together and as the camera slowly pulls back from the pier, we hear Ryan laugh, "I do do that." Hee.

In three weeks on The O.C., Seth and Ryan catch Luke and Lady Heather, and Ryan is not happy about it. Kirsten suggests that Jimmy use Lady Heather as an interior designer for the restaurant; he objects, but it's so going to happen. Also, Marissa wears a cute green top; Colin Hanks shows up with long, shaggy hair; Paris Hilton is also there for some reason; and Hailey turns out to be a big-haired, bigger-shouldered stripper!

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