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Not By The Hair Of My Chinny Chin Chinplant

Harbor School. Luke sits under a tree and plays guitar. Happily or not -- depending on how you see it -- this song has no words. Marissa pops up wanting to ask him a question, which is surprisingly not how Ryan could possibly not want to be with her, seeing as how she's so perfect and beautiful and very useful as a coat hanger at parties. Instead, she asks whether it was hard for him to see her and Ryan together after they broke up. He immediately says that it was, and manages not to beat himself repeatedly over the head with the guitar as he admits that they wouldn't have broken up if he hadn't deserved it. Marissa says she knows what that feels like now, and then dramatically looks across the quad to where Seth and Ryan are walking together. Luke reaches into his pocket, produces a fortune cookie, cracks it open, pulls out the fortune, and reads it aloud: the sooner Marissa realizes that it's never going back to the way it was, the sooner she can move on.

Marissa moves on, all right -- right into Ryan's face. She ambushes him on the quad and apologizes for what happened that morning -- she didn't know that Theresa would be there, which is hardly an apology because it implies that she should have been informed of Theresa's potential whereabouts at all times. Ryan explains away Theresa's presence as a "change of plans" as opposed to his own damn business. Marissa has some serious beeswax of her own that needs minding. When Marissa asks how long Theresa plans to stay, Ryan grumbles that she needs a job and a place to live. Marissa offers her help; Ryan thanks her and takes off. Theresa can hang her own coat!

Summer, Seth, and Anna sit together in the Harbor School's dining area. As Summer reads the latest issue of Riviera, Seth points out that Caleb looks so angry on the cover. Anna's all, "That's because he is." Summer can't imagine why he'd be angry, since he's on the cover of a magazine, and Anna mocks that it's hard to believe he's not entirely happy and fulfilled entirely because of his cover status. Summer misses the sarcasm and agrees, "Totally! I know!" She professes her love for the society page and the fact that suddenly all the people they know are famous. Perusing the pages, she outs someone named "Diana Cohen" for having gotten a chin implant. Assumedly, this Cohen is not related to our Cohens. Incidentally, our Cohens, I've read, were originally called the "Needlemans," which would have been a big mistake. Needlemans are an entirely different breed of misfits than Cohens. No offense all you Needlemans out there, but it's true. You're weird. You wear your pants around your neck. Accept it and move on. Anna and Seth simultaneously stroke their chins as they ponder the existence of chin implants. Summer announces -- as, for the first time, we find out what her father does for a living -- that her dad does them all the time: "Chins are the new nose." What's the old nose, then? When Anna's all, "So did Picasso!," Summer asks what hospital he works for, and Seth and Anna are without words for the possibility that Summer doesn't know who Picasso is until she busts out that she's kidding -- she's not dumb, just shallow! Seth asks if all the talk of Newport and plastic surgery is boring to Anna, who is not bored at all right now because she's patting her lips with a napkin. Pat! Pat! Pat! Must be clean! Anna announces that she's actually savoring the conversation because she's leaving and won't be hearing it much longer. Seth thinks she's just going to get dessert, but she explains that she's moving back to Pittsburgh to live with her aunt and uncle. She takes off after dropping this bomb, leaving Seth and Summer looking confused and sad. Summer even closes her magazine! And, as it turns out, there's at least one person of color who is actually allowed to sit down and dine at Harbor School; you can kind of see her behind the kids throughout this scene. Or maybe she's just catching a breather after carrying them back and forth between classes.

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