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A Twig, Snapped

Ryan puts Marissa down carefully and tries to wake her up. She does, and her head is bleeding and her injuries have given her a strange Kabuki face. Either that, or the makeup department doesn't apply "death mask" nearly as well as it does "Marissa glamour face." "Ryan," she says. Ryan says that he'll get help, like he always does for her. This time, she begs him: "Stay. Don't leave." Then she moans a few times, and Ryan whispers that she'll be okay and he'll stay there and neither one of them says I love you. Sucks to be you, Ryan/Marissa fans! And with that, Marissa pants a few times and dies. Ryan is shocked. He keeps calling her name, and then lets out an "oh... no." Unfortunately, his crying face looks a lot like a smile. Kind of like the smile on my face right now when Imogean Heap comes back and sings "Hallelujah!" about the fact that Marissa just bit it. We flashback to Ryan driving away from Marissa and looking back once to see her standing in front of the sunset.

Wow, what a terrible way to kill off a character. Why did they break Ryan and Marissa up if she was going to die? Why not have Marissa leave the show on the Greek cruise? I'm all for her leaving my television screen, but this was such a pointless way to do it, it just left me feeling hollow and unsatisfied. Pretty much like this show always does. So I guess it's fitting.

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