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A Twig, Snapped

Sandy presents Kirsten with a bouquet of flowers and some good news about Seth's criminal charges: he explained everything to the D.A. about what really happened and it looks like everything will "blow over." More importantly, Sandy was thrilled to see how harried and unhappy his replacement is and wants to go back to the D.A.'s office instead of running the NewNewport Group. I'm sure the D.A. will be happy to have a guy who was so recently under criminal investigation, too. Kirsten is happy about this. They celebrate by making out and sinking to the floor for some good old-fashioned kitchen floor sex.

Marissa's party destination is the Model Home, now rebuilt and left completely unguarded so that four teenagers can jump over its fences and into its heated pool, which has been left totally full and clean for our heroes. They swim and play and talk about how great their lives are since Ryan Atwood entered them. Seth, who can't tell his own father he loves him, seems pretty comfortable horsing around with Ryan. Summer reminisces about the time that she thought Ryan was cute, and laughs at how wrong she was. "No offense," she adds. "None taken, beeyotch," Ryan shoots back. Awesome. He so rarely gets to talk and act like a normal person. Marissa brings everyone down by saying that she should get going to the airport. "Here come the waterworks," Seth groans. Summer and Marissa hug and profess their love for each other, and Summer orders Marissa to make her the maid of honor if Marissa ends up marrying a "hot Greek shipping heir." Well, it'd be better that than the fat greasy oil heir Mischa Barton used to date. Seth and Marissa hug and try not to impale each other on their protruding bones. Eat some sandwiches, you guys. Hey, now that Marissa is going to bite it, I have to get my eat a sandwich jokes in where I can.

Summer and Seth wave good-bye to Marissa as she heads inside to change. In the privacy of the giant mansion she's trespassing in, Marissa cries. Ryan comes inside and asks her whether she's okay, his hair all tousled from the pool. They remember their previous night in the model home, and Marissa apologizes to Ryan for all the "craziness" she's put him through since then. He says he wouldn't change a thing..."except maybe Oliver." "Me too," Marissa says. And this is yet another instance where the writers wink at us that they get that they made a mistake, and yet, they still give us Oliver-like characters such as Johnny, so they obviously didn't learn their lesson. So who cares?

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