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A Twig, Snapped

Ryan and Marissa pull out of the Model Home. They're being watched by Volchok, who's drinking from a flask behind the wheel of his van. Heather's in the passenger seat and warns him not to drive in his condition. He doesn't listen to her, of course.

Seth brings Summer to his bedroom to give her a graduation present. There's a huge cardboard box with nothing inside it except for an envelope from RISD. Seth has been accepted, after all! He was too late for the fall semester, though, so he'll be starting in the spring. Summer's very happy. Seth apologizes to her for being such an asshole, and they make plans to see each other during Summer's Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks before they're reunited next year. Kisses!

But back to the danger. After her swim in the pool, Marissa's hair is magically straight and beautiful and her makeup perfectly applied. We must look good for our death scenes, you know. She asks Ryan whether he's nervous about going to college next semester, and, without hesitation, he admits to being terrified. She says that she is, too. Because she's about to DIE! As they pass a sign informing them that they're leaving Orange County (DOOM!) Volchok starts honking at them and flashing his brights. Suddenly, he rams into the back of the car. "What is he doing?" Ryan wonders, sounding kind of unconcerned. "What the hell?" Marissa asks, sounding only slightly annoyed. They're taking this well so far. When Volchok rams them again, they start getting more upset. Marissa recognizes Volchok's van as he pulls up alongside them and screams at Ryan. He rams the driver's side of the car. Marissa screams at Ryan to pull over, but he says there's nowhere they can do that. We cut to a shot of the cars on the road and what appears to be plenty of room for Ryan to pull over. At the very least, he could slam the brakes on to get away from Volchok. But if he did that, then Marissa wouldn't DIE! Volchok says that he's just trying to make them pull the car over so he can "finally finish this," at which point, he rams Ryan's car off the road. It goes flipping around down a hill and lands upside down on another road. The driver's side is absolutely crushed here, but it won't be Ryan who dies.

We get to see the car lying there, smoking, for a few moments so the true impact how incredibly stupid a way to kill off a main character this is can really sink in, and then we go inside the car. Ryan wakes up and finds Marissa lying next to him, unconscious. He punches a window out to escape the car and he seems to be totally okay despite the horrendous appearance of the accident he was just in. A miracle! But it won't be the only one. When Ryan sees that the car is on fire and gasoline is dripping all over the place, he goes back in to get Marissa out. Twigs are flammable, you know. This is dangerous. Ryan drags Marissa out of the car, picks her up, and carries her like he's done all those other times -- which we see clips of just in case you didn't get the connection and thought this show was actually doing something original for a change -- while repeat-season-finale-singer Imogean Heap sings "Hallelujah" just like Jeff Buckley's done on this show twice before. Except not nearly as well. In the shot were Ryan's carrying Marissa and the car blows up behind them, though, he looks really freaking hot.

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