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Honeymoon in Mexico
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It's six in the morning and Ryan, the world's only teenager capable of functioning at such early hours, has just finished packing. He calls Julie, who asks him if he needs anything. He says he doesn't. Seth is also on the phone up in his room, trying to get in touch with Summer on her plane back to Rhode Island. Awww, he woke up all early to see her for breakfast and then she ditched him. Anyway, he doesn't have much luck there. He tries to call the airport back using the house phone instead of his cell, because this will let him inadvertently listen in on Ryan and Julie's conversation and get him involved in the plot. Ryan and Julie hang up and Seth starts writing a note.

He comes downstairs as Ryan's cutting through the house on his way out the door. Ryan claims he's on his way to the gym, but Seth says he knows what Ryan's really up to. He thinks they should call the police and let them handle Volchok. But since that would be the reasonable and mature thing to do, Ryan refuses and heads outside. Seth drops the note on a table and follows him. In the driveway, Seth tells Ryan he won't let him go after Volchok alone, and takes a seat in Ryan's car despite Ryan's protests. Ryan assures Seth that he'll call the cops on Volchok eventually. He just wants to "see" him first. And by "see" he of course means "rip apart." "Nobody believes that," Seth says. He insists on accompanying Ryan, saying that if Ryan is really serious about not hurting Volchok then he shouldn't have any problem with Seth tagging along. Ryan doesn't have a choice, so he agrees. "Where are we going?" Seth asks. "Mexico," Ryan says. "Perfect, I need Chiclets," Seth replies. ¡Hola!

Over in Rhode Island, Summer returns to campus, where Bright is waiting for her. Summer tells him she had to go home and it was "hard being there." "What an amazing spirit you have. I'll bet you in a past life you were an eagle soaring through mountain passes," Bright replies. Ugh. Even Summer has to see through this bullshit by now. Bright says there's an emergency on campus: an old tree is going to be cut down and they're just the people to stop it. Bright hugs Summer and sniffs and rubs her hand a few times. I think he's on ecstasy.

Summer finally escapes the clutches of Bright and heads to her room, only to find someone in her bed waiting for her. It's Taylor Townsend, who somehow managed to fly to Rhode Island last night and sneak into Summer's room. For all the money Dr. Neil is paying in tuition, you'd think Brown would have better security than that. Taylor offers to let Summer in bed with her for some snuggle time, and any heterosexual man watching this show's heart just leapt with hope, but Summer turns it down. She wants to know what Taylor Townsend's deal is. Taylor just says that "something happened" in France and she needed to come back to America to tell her mother about it. Then she chickened out because her mother is freaking terrifying. She was hoping Summer could help her out instead, but since Taylor Townsend is not a tree or a caged chicken, Summer leaves her when Bright calls for her to help him stop some guys from sawing their tree down.

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