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Honeymoon in Mexico

Sandy lifts Seth's sleeve up to check out his new tattoo. It's a picture of a woman with the words "Senorita Vixen" written under it. It's kind of cool, actually. Sandy laughs at it. Seth says it has a "gay vibe" to it. It would have a gay vibe if it was a picture of a man shaving his chest. This? Not so much. And what's with all the gay-calling this episode? Sandy wonders how Ryan found Volchok in the first place. Seth begs him to leave him out of this. Sandy keeps wondering aloud... he'd need a private investigator... private investigators cost money... Julie has money.

Julie marches Kaitlin into her offensively pink room and yells at her for stealing clothes. Kaitlin says she really doubts refugees need "Paul Frank tops" or "last season's Manolo Blahniks." I think those refugees need whatever they can get. Kaitlin says the internet told her that there are more than enough clothing donations for those refugees sitting in a New Jersey warehouse anyway. "You just made that up," Julie says. She knows when Kaitlin's lying because she looks exactly like Julie. Julie says she can't deal with Kaitlin's issues while she's trying to recover from Marissa's death. She begs Kaitlin to act right. Kaitlin doesn't agree to this, though, and asks Julie if she really believes that Dr. Neil is at the conference in Seattle all by himself. Julie isn't that naïve. Kaitlin volunteers to make her mother some ice cream. Julie says that would be nice, but then she gets a phone call and has to go. She leaves and Kaitlin removes many layers of clothing drive items she stole.

Julie's caller was not her private detective as I suspected, but Sandy. He meets her at the Yacht Club and tells her that Ryan and Seth are back home and Volchok has disappeared again. Julie feigns innocence, but Sandy snaps at her to stop. He says she reached a new low sending his kid out on a revenge murder mission. "After everything our families have been through, you would put our kids in danger?" Sandy says. "At least you still have all your kids," Julie says. Sandy and Julie stare each other down and then Sandy leaves Julie to cry and keep from falling apart.

Kirsten and Seth talk about Ryan in the kitchen. Seth's upset that Ryan's mad at him. He heads outside to talk to Ryan, only to have the poolhouse door locked and the shade closed in his face. Seth looks like he's about to cry. That's what you get for helping Ryan.

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