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Honeymoon in Mexico

Julie pretends to be a parent and meets with Harbor's new Dean of Discipline, played by Tia Carrere. Apparently, Principal Kim wasn't available for this episode so they had to improvise. Dean Tia reports that Kaitlin has been skipping class, falling asleep in the classes she does make it to, missing assignments, and flirting with her biology teacher Mr. Castle. Can't blame her there. Mr. Castle sounds hot. Julie is more concerned about the cell phone reception in Dean Tia's office, which should tell Tia all she needs to know about the root of Kaitlin's problems right there, shouldn't it? Dean Tia finally gets some of Julie's attention and asks how things are at home. Oh, how the hell do you think they are? Her sister just died. I'd say things at home totally suck. But Julie just says they're "good" and they're doing their best to get through the difficult times. Except not really. Dean Tia asks if Julie is staying involved in her daughter's life, to which Julie laughs. She says that Kaitlin is fifteen years old and therefore gives her mother no positive attention. Yeah, just like your other daughter and things ended up so well for her, didn't they? LEARN, Julie. Even anti-drug PSAs know you're supposed to force your way into your kid's lives. Dean Tia has an idea: Kaitlin and Julie should participate in an upcoming clothing drive. Together. Julie asks if cell phones get reception in Mexico. Is she asking Dean Tia this because her last name is "Torres?" That's racist.

Sandy and Kirsten have found Seth's note but have no idea what it means as it says "angry nudfo chocolate love." Kirsten suspects it's some kind of coded message, but Sandy thinks it's probably just some new band Seth likes. Then his phone rings. It's Seth, and he says he left them a coded message in case Ryan found it. He says the note was supposed to be an anagram except that he didn't have time to think of a good one so he added a few letters to make the words make sense. That still doesn't explain "nudfo." "Angry" is "Ryan," "nudfo" is "found," and "chocolate love" is Volchok. I wouldn't mind a little chocolate love with Volchok. Anyway, Kirsten's super mom sense figures out the crappy anagrams note immediately and Sandy asks Seth where they are. Seth says they're in a Mexican gas station. Sandy orders them to come home immediately. Seth says he can't do that and assures Sandy that he'll make sure nothing bad happens. With his mind, I guess, since there's nothing else Seth can really do to stop Ryan. Seth hangs up on Sandy and walks outside, where he lies to Ryan that he was just leaving Summer a message. Ryan figures out that Seth called his parents, grabs Seth's cell phone, and chucks it somewhere. He demands to know what Seth just told Sandy. Seth admits that he told their parents about Volchok and he's glad he did. Ryan tells Seth to trust him that he won't kill Volchok. Seth says he does even though Ryan is a seething cauldron of barely controlled rage.

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