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Honeymoon in Mexico

Kaitlin's hanging out with the Ward boys again, who are shaving each other's chests for the water polo team. I hope the cuter one's hand slips and shaves off a chunk of the other one's ridiculous clown hair. Kaitlin says they're acting gayer than their father. And they're not even doing that over a sink, which is gross. "Yeah, well, our brother slept with your mom," the cuter Ward boy retorts. Kaitlin doesn't blink an eye and says that a gay dad trumps a slutty mom any day of the week. Good to know. Julie enters the room and spots the Wards. She's temporarily thrown by their chest shaving, but recovers and lectures Kaitlin for having bad behavior in school that has forced Julie to have to work at the clothing drive. Kaitlin laughs at her. She stops laughing when Julie informs her that she'll be working at the drive as well. "And stop hitting on Mr. Castle!" Julie says. Ha! That was awesome.

Kirsten packs up some clothes for the clothing drive because why worry about your kids or try to find them when you can do menial household chores? Sandy comes in and is sad to find that Kirsten has thrown both his and Ryan's leather jackets in the clothing drive box. Kirsten hates leather jackets, I guess. Kirsten says she's sick of waiting for Seth to call, but Sandy assures her that he will and then they'll get "some real information" and be able to do something. Keep dreaming that dream, guys.

Down in Mexico, Ryan and Seth enter their motel room, which is dingy and missing a window, but still a lot nicer than I would have expected. It's got a coat of paint on the walls and nice bedding and everything! Ryan says they need the room to hide out while they wait for Volchok to start his night shift at the bar he works at. I wonder if this bar also has a back room for cage fighting. That would be cool. Seth stupidly leaves the room to use the bathroom. About three seconds after that, Ryan has vanished.

Night has started to fall on Mexico when we get back from the commercial break. Ryan finds Volchok's bar and heads inside, where he finds the place filled with white people. Even in Mexico, this show insists on casting way too many white people. If they really wanted Volchok to hide out in another country and insisted on casting white people, why didn't they have him run off to Canada? One white person in particular gets Ryan's attention. It looks like Volchok from the back, but when the guy turns around it's not him. Again, this is an easy mistake to make when the bar in the slums of Mexico is filled with attractive white people. Ryan asks the bartender, who actually looks Mexican although he speaks with absolutely no Mexican accent, where Volchok is. The bartender says he fired Volchok and has no idea where he is now. He asks a waitress if she knows, but the woman doesn't respond. If she did, she probably wouldn't have a Mexican accent either. The bartender tells Ryan to get lost.

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