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Honeymoon in Mexico

Taylor Townsend hangs out in Summer's room. A weird gothy-looking girl enters the room and introduces herself as Summer's roommate, Amber. Taylor asks Amber about Summer's new college life, noting that Summer has plenty of save the earth posters up but no pictures of her friends. Amber, on the other hand, has an entire wall full of Polaroids of various men. Amber says one of them is her boyfriend, while the rest are just "guys." "Guys ... ?" Taylor asks. "You think I'm a slut, don't you?" Amber asks. No, just someone who hasn't yet discovered the joy of digital photography, where you can take an instant picture that looks semi-decent and not blurry and gross like Polaroids. Well, and a slut. But only because you got way too defensive which probably means it's true. Amber says that society says that men can sleep with all the women they want, but when a girl does it, she's a slut. She claims that the pictures are up for some class project on social taboos. "I didn't sleep with them all," she says; "most are just oral sex." That must be some report she's writing. I'm sure her professor is really, really looking forward to reading it. Taylor again mentions that Summer doesn't have any pictures on her side of the room, not even one of her boyfriend. Amber's surprised that Summer even has a boyfriend. "You mean Bright?" she asks. Uh oh.

Seth wanders into a bar. He doesn't find Ryan, but he does find a table full of rowdy Marines, lead by Jackass's Steve-O, whose choice in cameo appearances baffles me. I guess he should take what he can get, though, considering that even as a loud, insane, out of control drunk he's still not very convincing. Seth decides to approach him and asks if they can help him find his friend, who's in trouble. This prompts Steve-O to scream a whole lot and declare his love for Seth. "WE'RE DOIN' SHOTS!" he announces. He won't take no for an answer. I wish Bam was doing the cameo instead of Steve-O.

Kaitlin tries to get out of working at the clothing drive by saying she has to go study. Julie's intelligence is insulted. Julie picks out some lacey shirt thing and says it's nice. Kaitlin says she should try it on, but Julie says these clothes are for the Darfur refugees, who I'm sure will really appreciate their new leather jackets and lacey tank tops. Nothing goes better with that hot Sudan sun. Kirsten strolls up, looking distressed. Julie asks her what's wrong, and Kirsten tells her about how Seth and Ryan went to Mexico without asking them. "Wait -- Seth went too?" Julie blurts out before catching herself. Her phone rings and she walks off to answer it and get away from Kirsten and Kaitlin's curious stares at the same time.

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