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Honeymoon in Mexico

Ryan's on the phone. He tells Julie that Volchok doesn't work at the bar anymore, but he's going to keep looking for him. Julie is devastated. Kaitlin and Kirsten watch her from afar and wonder what bad news she just got. Kaitlin guesses Dr. Neil just called up to tell her he's leaving her. Kirsten doesn't have a guess, although it would have been funny if she had said something about how it could be a potential client for that business she and Julie used to own.

Taylor Townsend finds Summer next to the tree with Bright and some other environmental activists. They're setting up to spend the night at the tree as part of their protest, and what a fun time at college Summer's having! The only time she should be spending a night next to a tree is because she was too drunk to make it all the way home and passed out next to one. Not that I am advocating such behavior. Taylor drags Summer away from the group and demands to know what's going on between Summer and Bright, asking Summer if she's even called Seth back yet. Bright whines that the chains tying him to the tree are coming loose. Taylor Townsend dials Seth's number and shoves the phone in Summer's face, daring her to talk to her boyfriend. Summer reluctantly takes the phone. But Seth doesn't answer. The only guy in The O.C.'s version of Mexico who actually speaks Spanish found Seth's phone and is taking advantage of Seth's anytime minutes. Summer hands the phone back to Taylor, who starts chatting with the Mexican guy. That makes four languages Taylor is fluent in. She is so awesome.

Seth, Steve-O, and the Marines drink the hell out of some shots.

Sandy and Kirsten lie in bed and worry. They realize that Seth and Ryan are adults and they can't stop them. On the other hand... "I'm going to Mexico," Sandy declares. "I'm going with you," Kirsten responds. They both leap out of bed at the same time. Cute. And I'm so happy to see Kirsten finally doing something!

Back in Mexico, Seth, sporting a "Semper Fi" T-shirt and a bandage on his upper arm, staggers into the bar Volchok used to work at. He slurs to the bartender that he's looking for Ryan, who's looking for a guy named Volchok, who killed his girlfriend. This gets that silent waitress's attention, but the bartender orders Seth to leave. That bartender is always ordering people to leave! How does he stay in business? "I've got a tattoo, pal. A TATTOO!" Seth cries. Awesome. The bartender orders Seth out again, and he complies.

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