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Honeymoon in Mexico

Ryan finally returns to the motel. Seth asks him if he killed Volchok, since he knows that's what Ryan really plans to do and was lying when he told Seth to trust him that he wouldn't. "You don't understand," Ryan says. Seth says he does, and he came down here with Ryan instead of staying home and trying to fix things up with Summer. Ryan says he's free to go back to Newport. "That's not the point," Seth says. If it was, Seth wouldn't be able to go home because he has no transportation. Ryan says that he didn't find Volchok last night but he's not leaving until he does. Seth, sounding sick and tired, asks Ryan if he's just going to stay there forever and open a burrito stand. Ryan doesn't answer. Seth sighs and says he'll tell Ryan where Volchok is if Ryan promises not to kill him. Oh, dumb, Seth. Dumb! Ryan will not promise not to harm Volchok. He just orders Seth to tell him where Volchok is, his tone and posture very threatening. Seth pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket and hands it to Ryan. Oh, great.

Julie watches a show about stupid cops and eats mini-donuts. A return to her trailer park roots. "Are people in America really this fat?" Julie wonders. Kaitlin sits her size 0000 jeans down next Julie and asks her if everything is okay. Julie says she's fine, although "the world is an amoral toilet bowl and one day we'll all be flushed." That sounds like something Bright would say. "That was a really uplifting message for your daughter," Kaitlin says. She leaves for the clothing drive because unlike Julie, Kaitlin wants to participate in life, even if it sucks sometimes. "I suck it up," Kaitlin says; "you know, some of us are still alive."

Ryan puts some Top Gun sunglasses on and grabs a lead pipe out of his jeep. A lead pipe? Is Ryan getting his deadly weapon ideas from Clue? Will Volchok retaliate with a candlestick in the library? I mean, I know Ryan left Newport in a bit of a hurry, but I really think he could have found a better weapon than that. Ryan walks into the bar and removes his sunglasses, making sure that any and all witnesses will be able to know exactly what he looks like. Brilliant! He finds a hallway behind the bar with a bunch of rooms in it. I guess it's one of those bar/apartment complexes. Ryan gets the lead pipe ready and bangs on a door. I'm sure he's just going to fix Volchok's plumbing.

The knock on the door interrupts Volchok's enjoyment of a 40 oz. He picks up a knife (I guess Miss Scarlet has the revolver) and heads for the door. It's the face-off we've all been waiting for! Ryan grows impatient and breaks the door down. But wait -- he finds himself in an empty room. Either Volchok moved out really fast or Seth tricked Ryan. It's the latter! While Ryan's throwing a hissy fit and slamming the lead pipe against a wall, Volchok opens the door to find Seth standing there. "I need to talk to you," he says. I'm shocked! I really thought Seth was stupid enough to give Ryan the real address and we were going to have to watch Ryan and Volchok have their little bad-ass fight. But no! I am surprised and impressed.

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