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Honeymoon in Mexico

So is Volchok. In fact, he even says "this is a surprise." I guess he's been expecting Ryan to catch up with him sooner or later. He didn't think Seth would get there first. He lets Seth into his humble abode and asks Seth if he's alone and how he found him. Seth says he is, and the waitress at the bar told him. Volchok says the waitress's boyfriend wants to kill Volchok. He's just a regular Goodwill Ambassador, isn't he? Spreading joy and cheer all over the world. Seth states the obvious -- that Waitress's boyfriend will have to get in line behind Ryan for that. And Ryan's in town looking for Volchok, although he doesn't know where Volchok is. Volchok starts to pack and asks Seth why he's "looking out" for him. Seth says he's looking out for Ryan. And Volchok can run, but Ryan will find him again. Seth asks if Volchok wants to run from Ryan for the rest of his life. Pretty much, Volchok says. Seth says Volchok can turn himself in -- his father is a lawyer and he can help him. I'm sure Sandy will be thrilled to be volunteered for this. Volchok will have to go to jail, but it might be a "safe" jail. Because jails on this show are so safe. Seth urges Volchok to face up to what happened. "You didn't mean to kill her," he says. "I know. But she's dead. That's all that matters," Volchok says, and leaves.

Ryan returns to the bar to find Sandy and Kirsten there, waiting for him. Not only did Seth tell Ryan the wrong address, he also told his parents where to find Ryan! Seth is a hero! Hero Seth! Ryan doesn't want to go home where everyone pretends that nothing has changed. "We all miss her. It's never gonna be the way that it used to be. But we are still a family," Sandy says. No, it's not going to be the way it used to be. And that's not a bad thing. Ryan says he won't leave when Volchok is so close. Seth walks in and says that Volchok is, in fact, gone.

Taylor Townsend cries in a Rhode Island airport. Summer shows up. Taylor puts on an angry front until Summer apologizes and then Taylor says she's sorry too and hugs the hell out of Summer. She hates fighting with Summer. Summer says Taylor was right -- not about Summer liking Bright, but about Summer avoiding Seth. Taylor says she understands why. And so will Seth when Summer tells him. Also, Taylor Townsend is married with a fancy French last name and everything. Her only explanation for how it happened is that she met the guy and then was suddenly in his family's chapel getting married. Oh, well that does explain everything. No questions there. Taylor even namedrops that Ethan Hawke was at their rehearsal dinner. Summer promises Taylor she'll write to Seth and they say they'll see each other at Thanksgiving, which will be tomorrow, thanks to Fox's sudden and rather bizarre decision put this show on two days in a row and ruin my weekend. "Oh, by the way," Taylor says, "your roomie is a big slut." "Yeah, I know," Summer says. I guess Amber was kinda right about people thinking women who sleep around are sluts.

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