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Honeymoon in Mexico

Kaitlin finds the Ward boys at the clothing drive. They're wearing Sandy and Ryan's leather jackets and thrilled at such a great clothing drive find. Enh, those Darfur refugees didn't need leather jackets anyway. Honestly, though, they'd probably be better off with some of that creamed corn you give away during Thanksgiving food drives. I guess recycling the wardrobe is one way to cut costs. I'm glad the cute Ward got Ryan's jacket, though. It looks hot. But Kaitlin thinks they look gay. Julie walks in and says that what Kaitlin said to her at the house made sense. Life is hard, but you have to live it. Julie, you are good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like you. Kaitlin uneasily says that she and the Wards are bringing some of the Darfur refugees' clothes to a local shelter. Dean Tia, whose shift never ends, appears and pulls Julie aside to talk to her.

She tells Julie that some Newpsie found two of the tops she donated to the clothing drive at a "used clothing boutique." Julie's first reaction is glee to hear that the Newpsie shops at a secondhand store, followed by anger when Dean Tia spells it out that someone stole the clothing drive clothes and sold them off. "Oh, no," Julie says, slowly turning towards Kaitlin. "Oh, crap," Kaitlin says. Hee hee.

Summer tries to write a letter to Seth. She makes several attempts, but all of them turn into crumpled pieces of paper on the floor. She manages to say "Seth, I still love you," but she just can't tell him.

Seth drives Sandy back to Newport. Seth feels bad about betraying Ryan, but Sandy says Seth did the right thing and may have saved Ryan's life. He's sure Ryan will realize that soon.

Kirsten and Ryan are in Ryan's car. This probably wouldn't be a good time for Kirsten to say something about how nervous she is driving with Ryan since the last he had a female passenger, she totally died. So she doesn't. Instead, she says that "this was [her] worst nightmare," that Seth would follow Ryan somewhere and get hurt. Ryan apologizes for taking Seth with him. But Kirsten wasn't finished: "all this changes now that I have two children to worry about." A few cracks appear in the wall Ryan's built around himself, and he glances at Kirsten and maybe even smiles a little bit before they seal up again.

Summer finds Bright in the hall. He tells her the tree has been saved. Wow, they're like the first student protest group that's ever actually accomplished something. Congratulations! Summer wants to camp out at the tree anyway because it means she won't be stuck in her room trying to write letters to Seth. Bright says she's right; they should be with their "tree friends" in times of sadness and joy. Hey, maybe Summer likes hanging out with that tree so much because it reminds her of her dead friend. Except that the tree has much better screen presence.

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