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Dodging A Bullet

Outside, Kirsten has just broken the news to Ryan and Seth about the baby, and we didn't get to see that. Instead, we come in when they're reacting with twin "oh my god"s. Despite what they say, they look bored. Everyone hugs, and Seth says this news make his getting arrested thing seem trivial now. "You got WHAT?!" Kirsten says. "Thanks for prepping her, Dad," Seth says. Yes, because Seth should always be the first thing on everyone's mind. I love how he managed to turn this back to him. Seth and Ryan leave to pick up their respective girlfriends for the party, and where are we? It looks like everyone's standing in the middle of an airplane hangar. I guess those are supposed to be boats. Boats on wheels.

Summer hands Newport Chuck off to Bright and his new lady and apologizes to her for borrowing her costume and getting her arrested. The girl says it's fine since the mayor of Newport loves animals and gave them both amnesty. Not Seth though, it would seem. And she and Bright got to meet. Seth walks in and wishes Bright and the girl well on wherever they're going to release Newport Chuck, who should probably die of starvation within the month since he has no idea how to live in the wild after all those years of captivity.

Taylor flops down on her bed. Her phone rings and she answers it to some ridiculous heavy breathing and a guy asking her what she's wearing. Nice try, Ryan. He opens the door to her room and hangs up the phone. He says he needs a little more stalking practice, and Taylor says that was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for her. Don't say that, Taylor! Now all the stalkers watching this show have been encouraged! They kiss, and Taylor says that the needing space thing was a stupid idea (way to suck, Therapist). Ryan says they can "work around it." Taylor can stalk Ryan to Kirsten's party, and then Ryan can stalk her home. They laugh and are cute together. Yay!

But not everyone gets to be happy. With a sad smile, Julie watches BULLIT and Kaitlin do a dance of joy and victory and get a little too close for what would be my comfort if I were Kaitlin's mom. She then looks over at all the other happy couples dancing together -- Sandy and Kirsten, Seth and Summer, and Ryan and Taylor -- just to rub it all in.

Outside, she calls her Mystery Man. Tearfully, she tells him that she can't see him tonight or ever again. She's back with BULLIT, and it's the best thing for her family, if not for her. Except that it totally is for her as well, especially since we cut to the Mystery Man, who wasn't all that much of a mystery since he was credited as a guest star in the beginning of the episode and since they were kind of together when he left town, and it's Frank. He says good-bye to Julie and stares at the engagement ring he was going to give her, which is puny and gross compared to BULLIT's. I don't think it's even an emerald cut. Are we supposed to feel sorry for him? Are we supposed to want Julie to end up with a guy who beats women? Whatever. There may be six more weeks of winter, but there's only four more weeks of this show left.

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