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At the Cohen House, the guys are heading out to a movie that only Seth likes. Kirsten begs off so she can stay home and make an appointment with her doctor, who there is no way is still in her office this late at night. And she wants to make an appointment for tomorrow! Ha! I had to claim I was on the verge of death to get a next-day appointment with my doctor, and even then he held me off until late afternoon. Good luck with that, Kirsten. The guys pile in the car and talk about how Kirsten has seemed down lately, but they're sure she'll feel better in time for the surprise party Sandy's planning. He says he's so good at surprise-party planning that he "coulda been with the CIA." Seth pokes his head in from the back seat and says, with great delivery and timing, "I hear they're known for their birthday parties." I will miss Seth. Hopefully, some of Adam Brody's films will actually be released so I can see more of him after the show ends.

The next morning at the Cohen House, Seth is confused to find Bright watching him sleep in his bedroom. Bright is almost as creepy as Taylor. Pancakes will really need to watch his back this week. Seth's bedhead is adorably tousled, by the way. Bright assures Seth that he isn't dreaming and tells him to "rise and shine" because they're about to fight against the subjugation of animals. With that, he flings the covers off of Seth, who says it's a good thing he doesn't sleep naked. Bright pretends that he's happy about that too.

Kaitlin is spending her morning with the Wards (and who wouldn't?) composing a romantic email to BULLET from Julie. The Wards, of course, suggest that she write that she "can't wait to get two big handfuls of butt," because, as Kaitlin points out, they really do like talking about other men's butts. Also, the Cute Ward got a haircut and looks cuter than ever. Clown Ward did not get a haircut, and thus looks clownier than ever. Pity. Kaitlin isn't thrilled with the idea of having her mom say she wants to feel BULLET's butt, but does it anyway when the Wards assure her that the way to a man's heart is through his butt. And so, Fake Julie's email reads "Dear Bullit (I've been spelling it wrong all this time. Oh well), I've missed you so much. I'm so excited your [sic] coming home... I miss your butt. Love, Julie."

Sandy finds Ryan in the poolhouse sitting on his bed and totally sulking about his failed relationship with Taylor. He invites Ryan out to lunch and to help him pick up Kirsten's birthday present. Ryan agrees to go and says he's fine with Taylor needing time away from him. Ryan looks really cute today. That's like the third guy whose looks I've praised. If I start finding BULLE(I)T attractive, I'm going to have to stop this recap and go out on a date or something. As soon as Sandy's out of the poolhouse, Ryan grabs the scrapbook out from under his bed and starts looking through it. Awww.

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