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Taylor goes to therapy. "I need help, Doctor," she says. "Admitting that is the first step in recovery," the therapist says, and already I'm pretty sure she's not a very good therapist. Anyway, Taylor says she's here because she read this doctor's article about emotional addiction and that's what Taylor needs help with right now, since her father was absent and her mother was "Idi Amin with fake boobs." Of all the physical differences between Idi Amin and Mrs. T, the fake boobs are probably the most subtle. Anyway, now Taylor knows she's way too desperate to be loved and it's going to ruin her relationship with Ryan if she doesn't get help. Except now that she asked him for space, she's been stalking him. But in a good way, Taylor maintains. The kind that produces an "aesthetically pleasing scrapbook." Followed by an aesthetically pleasing restraining order. Taylor wonders if she's a lunatic. "You are not a lunatic," Therapist says even though they've only been speaking for two minutes and everything Taylor's said so far kinda points to her being a lunatic. She says she'll do whatever the therapist tells her to do, even though Therapist says her methods are "very aggressive." So now Taylor will have an emotional addiction to the Therapist instead of Ryan, I guess.

Julie is going all eBay on some framed pictures in the house, selling them to help make ends meet. So not only is she squatting in Dr. Neil's house, rent-free, but she also had the audacity to let Taylor live there without asking him and NOW she's selling off his artwork? That is balls, Julie. Kaitlin doesn't see why her mom's worrying about money since her boyfriend is a billionaire. "No, he's not," Julie immediately says, which makes Kaitlin suspicious. She asks Julie if she's seeing someone behind BULLIT's back, but Julie just says she can't be cheating on BULLIT since their relationship ended when he went to Dubai (and the writers of the show decided to introduce some more conflict into the show by having her date Ryan's real father despite their total lack of chemistry). Kaitlin says she and BULLIT have exchanged a few emails, and he seems to think that he and Julie are still together. Julie doesn't seem too concerned that her underage daughter is discussing relationships with an old man. This is the kind of parenting that gives the world fourteen-year-olds putting naked pictures of themselves on MySpace.

Kaitlin answers the doorbell to find a flower delivery guy. He hands her a bouquet for Julie with a note that says "can't wait 'til tomorrow night. Miss you already." It doesn't say anything about butts though, so who knows what the flower sender's intentions are? Kaitlin isn't taking any chances, though, and throws the flowers in what I'm pretty sure is the paper goods recycling bin. If Bright finds out about this, he's going to murder her.

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