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Ryan buys an empty cup of coffee and spots Kaitlin on the Promenade in front of Newport's Lone Jewelry Store. He asks about Taylor, and Kaitlin reports that she's been "a little bit weirder than normal." That's not good for anyone. Sandy runs up, and Kaitlin takes off because this show no longer allows more than two people to share a scene. Unless it's Kirsten, in which case, no more than one person can be in the scene. Sandy tells Ryan that the mysterious birthday present he's been trying to get for Kirsten has suffered a setback. They leave to allow BULLIT to show up and chat with Kaitlin. He shows off the ring he bought for Julie. Kaitlin makes sure it was the most expensive one in the store and they go over BULLIT's proposal. He's got it all taken care of, thanks to some Iranian guy BULLIT met on his flight home who recommended a great love song that BULLIT then downloaded onto his Verizon Wireless LG Chocolate phone which now comes in three delicious new flavors: cherry, mint, and... uh... white. Anyway, the song, which can be heard through the Chocolate's small, yet powerful, speakers is your typical Iranian fare, and BULLIT does a little dance to it that is sure to piss off anyone of Iranian descent who happens to be watching. Think the Bangles' "Walk Like an Egyptian" video. Kaitlin says they'll need to talk about BULLIT's proposal and they walk off with BULLIT putting a fatherly arm on her shoulder.

Bright and Seth pull their crappy old VW bus up outside the building that houses Newport Chuck. They go over blueprints and their plan. It involves grappling hooks, and I don't believe I've ever seen one of those not in a cartoon. Seth says he doesn't know how to climb, but Bright already took care of that and brought a "papoose" for Seth. Papooses are for babies, Seth. Man up. Seth makes sure Bright knows that this plan is insane and sure to fail, but Bright simply says that "when the universe intends for something to happen, it will happen." Have fun using that explanation when your future employers ask about the felony conviction on your record, Seth. Anyway, Bright tempts Seth with a Sno-Cone, and he's happy enough, saying that his favorite flavor is cherry, but Sandy's is blueberry. Kirsten's favorite flavor is a toss-up between vodka and plain.

The Therapist shows up at the door of the Cohen House with a cardboard box full of stuff Taylor needs to return to Ryan. I'm sure he'll be thrilled to get that toothpick back. And how much is Taylor paying that therapist to go driving around with parcels during the night? For that matter, how is Taylor paying for her at all? Ryan tells Therapist to hold up and then spots Taylor hiding in the front seat of Therapist's car, which is a convertible with the top down, so, nice plan there, Therapist. Therapist tells "Mr. Atwood" that Taylor is under her strict instructions not to have any contact with Ryan for one week, and sure enough, Taylor has a hand on the side of her face so she can't see Ryan. Ryan's all, "okay, but she's right here," and starts trying to talk to Taylor anyway. He even crouches down so he's leaning over the car door and looking really sad. Taylor tells Therapist to tell Ryan that this is what's best for both of them, and now we're all in second grade. But I love how the Therapist totally plays along and starts repeating that to Ryan until he interrupts her and begs Taylor to talk to him. He rests his chin on the car door and says they can work on this together, and then he makes a series of puppy dog expressions that I do not understand how Taylor can resist. But she does, and she and the Therapist drive away.

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