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And Taylor's taking a walk with her therapist, who apparently charges by the day. Seriously, what is this? Has anyone on this writing staff ever gone to therapy? Surely Daughter of Regis (Writer of Crap) needed a few sessions. I'm pretty sure therapists don't spend the day hanging out with you and driving you to your boyfriend's house. Anyway, Taylor's having doubts about the therapy process, but Therapist gets a call from another patient who's having a crisis and totally ditches her. This would pretty much convince me to stop seeing this therapist, since obviously she's not that great if her other patients are having crises and she ditches you when you express doubts. Another thing that would convince me to stop seeing that therapist would be if that storyline sucked, and this one does. Anyway, since the therapist left the scene, someone else must enter, and sure enough, who should Taylor see across the park but Sandy and Ryan. She turns to leave, only to bump into two guys wearing groundhog mascot costumes and gets an idea.

Julie rushes home to find Kaitlin and her appendix doing just fine. It was all a trick to get Julie to come home. Not a very nice one, considering that Julie's other daughter died fairly recently, but whatever. Julie suddenly notices flowers all over the house and Kaitlin says someone has a question for her. Enter BULLIT, who tells Kaitlin to "hit it." Kaitlin protests, but is overruled and forced to put on the Iranian music. BULLIT gets down on bended knee and Julie doesn't know what to do. He says all his money (and there's a lot of it!) isn't worth anything to him without Julie, and he whips out the giant ring. Kaitlin looks so hopeful. Julie looks so overwhelmed. She doesn't know what to say, but it looks like "yes" hasn't crossed her mind. She orders Kaitlin to turn the music off and says she's surprised, especially since they haven't spoken since BULLIT left for Dubai. Kaitlin hastily tries to change the subject, saying that ring is "ridonkulous." But it doesn't work. BULLIT brings up those emails Julie's been sending him that were full of x's and o's. Kaitlin rushes to turn the music back on as BULLIT whispers the contents of Julie's last email into her ear. Julie's jaw drops and she turns and looks at Kaitlin. "Oh, crap," Kaitlin whispers. That's like her tagline now, and I love it. Really, though, Kaitlin, did you honestly think this was going to work out? Contrary to what that storyline with two guys trying to free a groundhog and then locking themselves on the roof would have you believe, this isn't Three's Company.

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